What are Bronwyn angels courtwind angels any experinces

I see many people selling bronwyn angels courtwind angels, what are those entitys? Are these real angels or some type of demon or jinn. Is it safe to have one?

This seem like a fairly fluffy new age grift connected to “spirit keeping”. We don’t engage in that in this community and we don’t allow external sales promotions, so you wouldn’t find that here.

I would guess they’re most likely servitors. Not my bag. It seems a rip off of Arabic magick where they bind Djinn to rings.

You can just make your own though. :woman_shrugging: No need to pay out and if you search for “servitor tutorial” there’s free posts here telling you how. You can also buy books on it. Personally, I always say if a job’s worth doing, do it yourself. It’s more under your control and more empowering that way.

About what I think as well.

These places seem to make up a whole host of things, probably to generate interest by offering different niches to prospective customers.

I know the place that has the Bronwyn angels and I frankly think it’s their invention.

Which is cool and all, I guess

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