What are angels like?

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all doing great.

I was wondering what angels are like? Most people believe they’re benevolent others believe they’re cold, harsh and basically the opposite of what we have been taught.

I have had somewhat of a connection with the archangel Michael. I used to pray to him regularly. Since I felt like we were friends (Almost like brothers) i evoked him. When I evoked him I had thoughts like “We’re neither friends nor brothers you’re living in a fantasy world” or something along those lines (Sorry I can’t remember the exact quote, it was a year ago)

After that experience I distanced myself from angels in general because I was really hurt. I’m recently looking for something new to work with and the angels came to mind. I don’t know if I should start to talk to them again. To be honest I don’t even know if my experience was legit Michael, or my mind playing tricks on me.

I would really appreciate some advice and/or your own experiences if you guys don’t mind me asking.


I am not sure if I am getting the question right. I find them very good teachers and when you build a close relationship they def have your back. But as with all spirits you have to do your part and you have to grow. Let me know if that answers your question.

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They can be all of that, just like humans.
Their personalities are just as diverse as humans’ personalities. But in general I can say that they are not full of glitter and love only. In my experience they can be pretty demanding when you work with them, they want you to do your part. But that may not apply to all of them in any situation, it’s just my experience.


Michael called me “hardheaded” once because I kept bothering him and the other archangels with the banishings before rituals. For some reason that upset me a little bit but later on I found out that he did that because it was the only way I would stop doing so many rituals. He was right though, I went a bit overboard.

Yohach and Kalach told me “don’t tell us how to do our job” when I was explaining what I wanted more exactly. It’s one of the reasons I dislike the Sword Banishing ritual from GoM. I had a friendly attitude and I suppose that the angels felt like I was going to get attached to them so they blew me off.

I think the angels want us to be independent and not rely on them so much and that’s why they can be cold at times.

But I had a few encounters with angels that were nice to me and really pleasant and kind even when I was dumb. Some entities will like you and some won’t, it depends on how you vibe with them.


My part? Like what?

So my experience was legit? I was just too sensitive and didn’t analyze what he meant and just “ran from it” so to speak.

I can’t tell you if it’s legit or not. If it is, then maybe Michael doesn’t want you to get attached and rely too much on him. If it’s not, then maybe you have garbage in your head (it goes away with meditation).

Just don’t take it to heart. I don’t think he had bad intentions if he told you that.


Michael can be quite stern, cold, and even harsh at times. All of them can be. Like Helena said, they’re as diverse as people are and not all of them will always get along with you. They are definitely not fluffy love and light beings who only want to hold your hand. They can be some of the toughest teachers out there.

To be fair, simply praying to them does not necessarily equate to building a friendship with them. There has to be some level of reciprocity and that takes effort from both sides.

It could have been your mind playing tricks on you and it could also have been him letting you know that you have not yet built a relationship with him. The only way to know for sure is to try again. If you find that your personalities don’t vibe well, there are plenty of other angels that you can work with that you will find you vibe well with.


Thanks for the information.

If angels are as diverse as we are,then why are those spiritual youtube gurus always saying how nice and chill angels are? They seem to be pretty convinced. Are those just egregores, or does your mind influence the way spirits are?

growth in consciousness. for example.

btw. are you talking about angels or archangels? from my personal experience there is a huge difference :slight_smile:

Archangels would the the first I’d speak to since I don’t know many angels :innocent:

What are the differences in energy/behavior between the two?

And do please tell me your experience with both of them if you don’t mind.

Archangels are just a rank, archangels depending on if they’re seraphim archangel, cherubim archangel, ophanim archangel, or your average archangel angel. However, rank doesn’t define their behavior nor energy, rather their authority.


Why do some people think that demons (or any other entity they have an affinity for) can do no wrong? Some people choose to only acknowledge what they want to acknowledge and ignore everything else. Angels were around long before any spiritual movement, including the love and light brigade. Just look at the actual history of angels, even the biblical stories of them, to see how incredibly diverse they are in their personalities and actions.


Alright :+1: Thanks.

So angels for me are like doing what you ask them for without their “own opinion”. If that makes sense. Archangels are more like teachers and see what is good for your or not wether you know it at the point of request or not. But everyone has their own experience.

I can not put it in proper words. English is not but native language obviously.
But Damien Echols nailed it from my perspective. Let me check if I can find his explanation about the difference between angels and archangels.

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Well in the Bible they’re always portrayed as being soldiers of yahweh,always following orders no matter what.

The only angels that were explored, personality wise, were the watchers and the fallen ones. As far as I know.


They were soldiers of Yahweh before the bible, when Yahweh was a Canaanite God he commanded the heavenly hosts as protector of the Canaanite Pantheon and God of war and sky.


Thanks for looking it up.

How did you contact them?

Were? Aren’t they serving him anymore?

I’ve once read that Yahweh only commands the lowest of the lowest angels, from what you’re saying I understand that Yahweh rules over all of them. Is that the case?