What angel should i work?

Ok, so im postponing working with Angels for months.

Lúcifer recommended me to only work with Qliphoth, because Angels have a great chance to purify me.

But since i started working deeply with Bael/Belzebu, i feel more tired, his energy is weighty, Savage. Astaroth is Very soft, Paimon too, but it’s not Bael case

So i Want to work with an angel that is good with balancinhg my energy, chakras, astral body, my mind etc

What Angel do you guys recommend me?

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Try The Archangel Michael

For what you want specifically you could try summoning/petitioning to Pahaliah

The Powers of Pahaliah

The Power to Find Balance
How often do we hear people saying that they have no balance in their life? Usually this is because people are overworked and not able to spend enough time with family, but it can also occur for other reasons. If you feel that your life lacks balance, and you want to discover a long-term solution call on this angel to open up new opportunities that will bring more balance into your life.

The Power to Find a Spiritual Path
When magick begins to work, you may find yourself wondering whether or not you deserve these results. This is a common reaction, and many people stop working magick after a few positive results, because they feel they have an unfair advantage. An alternative solution is to know that magick is part of your spiritual journey. Call on this angel to give you insights into where you should go from here.