What am I saying?

Hey All!

This might be nothing, but still it’s a little “strange” to me. Wondering if you guys have any thoughts on this one.

So last night when I got home from work, I was preparing some mint tea for myself and King Paimon, as I had promised to have some with him over a casual chat.

My phone was a bit greased from using it all day, so I wiped it down and layed it on the table.
Then I went about preparing the tea and doing my ritual. Afterwards I look through my phone and saw that a 4.04 video was recorded. Probably when wiping it I pressed something, but the phone was locked. My phone has been acting up lately and it will take pictures sometimes, but never record a video.

Anyway, the video starts with me whispering something. Then you hear me doing some stuff, like adding honey, stirring etc. But it’s all in really loud noise. No idea my phone was able to record sounds so accurate but mostly so loud.

While I was doing it, I wasn’t bothered by sound. It didn’t seem like I was being loud. But in the video it seems like I was really having a party.

Further down the video, I hear myself whispering the same “words” twice more.
It’s strange because all the background noise is so loud, but my own voice is in whisper.

I have no recollection of saying anything while I was doing it and no idea what it is I’m saying.
But the most I can make of it, is me saying
“Scared of entertainment”
No idea at all why I would say that, and as said before, I don’t remember even saying anything.

Do you guys have any thoughts on what it is I might be saying? Does is maybe resemble something I’m not aware of?

As mentioned, might be nothing. But curious to see what you guys think! I haven’t been able to upload the video, but will keep looking into trying to upload it here so you can actually hear it.

Thanks in advance guys, any suggestions are much appreciated :raised_hands:t5:

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Lmao could it be possible that King Paimon made a prank on you? :slight_smile:

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When we think in words they are often audible without talking. Most likely this is what happened. This is how mind reading is so easy for some people. They are more sensitive to hearing these thoughts. Scientists have found that you actually vibrate these words with your vocal cords even though you are not talking.

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How did the tea time go friend??? :coffee:

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Would love to hear the recording

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Could very well be :nerd_face:

Okay, makes sense.
But I wasn’t talking not whispering. So to me it seems like the words just “appeared” in the video. Either that, or I’m finally losing my mind :crazy_face:

I’ll PM you later babe, I’m at work now having my dinner break :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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I’ll try and see if I can change the setting of the video. It won’t let me upload as it’s not jpeg or something :crossed_fingers:t5:

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If you create a 1 off email you can send it to me, I have all the necessary equipment to to change the format so it can play if you want to share it on here.