What am i medium psychic or neither?

Guys id like to know what am i or am i just normal person?

Since i was younge I’ve been having past lives memories and been able to talk to other beings mostly light beings since i was 10 years old. The way i have been able to comunicate with them is through the mind. I did see them with my eyes and feel them touch me a couple of times. But mostly communication is through the mind.
Many times also when i got angry at a person, mostly my family i thought of something bad and it happened, exactly how i thought about it. For example one time i got angry at my cousin, so in revenge i thought of his brother breaking up with his gf (very dumb thing) and like a week later i heard my cousins brother did actually break up, so i asked him why he broke up with his gf, and he said “i dont know” i dont know if this would be a bad law of attraction? Because i did ask my spirit guides for stuff and i always got it. And years later ive wonder was that myself using law of attraction?
I feel like im sharing to much guys but I’d really like to understand the things that happen to me. My God father whos a curandero said i might have a gift. But i dont know. Cuz by the way one of the Memories i had that i thought was a past life memorie of mine was of a bloody death of a younge man. I had that memorie when i was like 18 years old. And months ago i talked to mt God Father and told him about this death, he asked me to describe the appearance of that younge man and when i did he said he knew who i was talking about. He said that maybe i did see the dead body years later and my memory blocked that image and years later i remembered. But i SWEAR I never saw the dead body in real. Other wise my cousins and brother would’ve seen it, cuz i would never go around alone.

Years ago also sometimes when i would see a person i would get an image in my head of that person dead. Even if its a stranger, not because i hate the person or something. Thats why many times i would try not to think or have my little brother in my mind. Because i was scared that i would see something bad happen to him.

So could i be a medium or what would this ability be called? Can anyone help me?

Also can anyone tell me the different types of ways someone can comunicate with spirits? And im not talking about the ouija board.


Depending on the company you’re keeping, this is variously called being psychic, being highly sensitive, telepathic or a medium, among others. You’ve retained a connection to the unseen that many of us loose and forget as we grow into adulthood.

It may help you to read the works or autobiographies of other sensitives, especially folks like Edgar Cayce, Helena Blavatsky, Rudolph Steiner so you can see how they handled it.

You can get many books on mediumship as a practice. I like Allan Kardec’s “Book on Medium” from 1861, which doesn’t have any new age fluff.

If you search here for “tutorial collection psychic development” we have a few free guides members here have written over the years.

In the western occult things are approached differently, frequently ceremonially as much of western occult is rooted in kabbalistic magick.

Personally I prefer a shamanic approach to spirit communication: search here for the “core shamanism tutorial”.

Different cultures have their own methods and merits, but they all work. so you have a lot of options to find something that works for you personally.

These are also all linked in the massive “START HERE” thread. :slight_smile:


Since I was little I had visions of the future mostly for other people or for global events. I can connect with the dead (sensing how they feel and listen to them) or with living things or seeing spirits but i dont know what it is called. I can also sense someone’s intentions from time to time but not when it is related to me


You are gifted.


Like me.

It’s like a muscle you exercise.

I recommend forming a relationship with a dead relative or interesting person at a graveyard. Bring flowers, silver coins, rum, or tobacco as offerings.