What am I doing wrong

I have a huge problem when it comes to lusting for results so I decided to call on the goetian cimeries and invoke him for confidence in what I requested of other demons, but I noticed that I’m still worrying about what I asked for which means I must’ve did something wrong. Did I invoke wrong or something or what?

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I think it’s more just something you have to work on because it’s really all in your mind. Try simply focusing on something else to occupy your mind like working towards your other goals or even the goal it’s self. When actively engaged in whatever it is it’s not lusting it’s active manifestation. So if your goal was to do a money spell start working on balancing your checkbook or selling whatever it is you are selling or looking for those side jobs etc.

My self for example, I make and sell ritual tools and recently have gotten into making Goetia talismans so my goal was to provide the highest quality talismans to the occult community. So I’ve been slowly buying materials and creating inventory. The photo above is one of my blanks made from tin, and cedar wood that I will engrave a sigil of my customer’s choice and set amethyst gems to match the Jupiter corresponding demons. I have been making blanks for all the corresponding demon groups under planetary ruling correspondences such as gold, silver, copper, aluminum etc. When my inventory is sufficiently stocked up I will begin to sell.

Hearing that you have to meet the gods half way and actually put work in is not what you want to hear but what you need to hear. It’s the old “shit in one hand and wish in the other, see which fills up first”.


If you don’t have faith in your magick yet, then first do magick for things that aren’t essential to you but would still be nice to have. Small things you want that won’t matter to you if the magick works or not.

On your current ritual, just remind yourself that the magick has been sealed, it’s done and there’s no going back now, you just move forward, the thing you desire is already as good as yours. But mostly just focus on other things and let the magick do it’s thing, you are putting your faith in the spirits or magick, so leave them to do their thing.