What Am I Doing Wrong? Desperately Trying Wealth Magic But With Bad Results

I have been desperately trying Wealth Magic (using GOM), but had 2 incidences that make me think I am doing it wrong…FIRST, after my first try, (with “Magical Cashbook”) my house almost caught on fire from a roaster oven, THEN, when I tried again (this time with “Financial Sorcery”), LIGHTNING actually struck my house! (thankfully no fire). I am now trying “Sigils of Power”, as I DESPERATELY want (AND NEED) to win the Lottery (I am disabled and cannot work). I am also doing subliminal tapes (during sleep) for abundance, and have achieved a small amount of success. ANY SUGGESTIONS? Is there another method of Wealth Magick that works better than GOM? Thanks


Are you sure you meant “Financial Sorcery?” Because that is not by the Gallery of Magick. It is by Jason Miller and combines mundane and magical steps to grasp the reigns of your financial life. It has some rituals and seals of Jupiter in it, but there is no way it could be responsible for lightning striking your house.


I’m sorry, I should have used “also Financial Sorcery”, which was the book I used, but it was just a few days from doing the Jupiter rituals that lightning stuck my house. I just assumed it was because of that. I should have said that I also have GOM wealth books AND ALSO other Wealth Magick books, which the “Financial Sorcery” is one. But now I am tryinjg “Sigils of Power”, and am on my third night (tonight). Thanks

Maybe do a healing spell to heal your disability so that you have more avenues for the magick to bring you finances. Or maybe if not heal then stop the disability from hindering you from doing money making activities.


That sounds killer ! I got to get me a copy.


Do you have a personal financial statement?

Hey man, lottery wins are like happening into a threeway with Kate Beckensale and your high school crush. I wouldn’t go that route as far as aspirations go.

The Gallery has some remarkable methods though it sounds like you could use some protection magick. Their book on it is very powerful.

I recently completes the Master Money Ritual from Magickal Riches and have noticed a significant increase in my cash flow.

Don’t overlook cause and effect though. I have OCD that has been so bad it limited ne from working a job. Rather than be a leech and suck off the wealfare state I started a business where I set my own hours. Consider that

I’ll point you to the book 4 Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris. There’s a lot of smoke and mirrors to much of his “Health and Body” related stuff but that book changed the course of my life. If you can read that book and not want to follow that path then something’s wrong… It’s one of the most life changing book I’ve ever read and I’ve totaled well over 500 books now.

Combine these two and get serious. You’ll love it


Thanks for the suggestions. I’ll give them a try.

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Are you doing any magick besides the wealth workings?

I find it very difficult to believe that the rituals of either Wealth Magick or Financial Sorcery are responsible for the fire and the lightning strike as I’ve worked from both books myself with no issues.


No I think he’s manifesting that, he probably worries too much and is attracting misfortune. Or then again shit happens.


No, no other magick besides the Wealth. In fact, all the books I have are or are connected to Wealth Magick. It must mean something. My Vedic Astrology chart says that I have a “gift” with the occult arts if I decide to pursue it. Maybe me just starting to do rituals released something? The incidences were just TOO close together BOTH TIMES to disregard it as coincidence. Maybe it is somehow related to all the birds following me? (please see my previous thread).

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Yeah I remember that thread.

If not that could be part of your problem.

My advice is, before doing any more wealth workings, do a heavy duty cleanse of yourself. Perform a limpia, and take up a daily banishing ritual like the LBRP, doing it upon awakening and before sleep.

I also recommend having a divination done by a neutral third party to find out what is going on.


Do you know of any place online or by phone where I can get someone to do a Divination for me? I am kind of housebound. I will for sure try the banishing ritual. Thanks

Put a request in this thread:

This member is doing readings for free, and, though it might take her a few days, she’ll do one for you if you pop your question into the thread. She is doing about 5 readings per day so give her some time.

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Thanks so much. I’ll give it a try.

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Pm,use bune everthing comes itention feeli g emotion heart mind

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May I suggest a search of “lust for result”?

P.s. After you perform ritual, slap yourself across the face - hard, then laugh at yourself for being a fucking idiot and doing Magick. Slapping yourself across the face for being an idiot who did Magick creates a nasty feeling which can act as a barrier to the work you’ve just done and need to forget. Wash your face and hands then do something physical - like make and eat a sandwich.

If you find yourself lusting for result give yourself another good face slap.


The ultimate key to succesful wealth magick is the retention of sexual energy. Retain your semen for 90 days and perform the rituals again, your wealth magick will be supercharged and money will start to flow into your life and great opportunities will arise.

Also work on eradicating your desperation. If you are desperate for money, it will stay away.