What advice do demons have for physically handicapped people?

This is something I have always been curious about. Ideally, I would like to ask various demons myself, but I’m not able to communicate reliably with spirits yet, and I seem to be going through a prolonged episode of depression, which is making it hard to focus on anything.

Most demons seem to advocate existing in this reality and enjoying what it has to offer. But when I consider how utterly limited my physical shell is in terms of functionality, I wonder if the above advice applies to me. I mean there are so many things that I would like to experience. But they seem so unattainable given how useless this crippled shell is.

Sorry for this downer of a post. But I think I could really use otherworldly advice right about now, even if it’s just telling me to stop complaining.


Nah man, shapeshifting in the astral is where it’s at, also, a “perfected magickal self” that you structure over time in this world and merge into as needed, it won’t grow you back a leg or something but you will be able to adopt an empowered self for anything your current physical manifestation lacks.

The Nine Doors Of Midgard by Thorsson has this exercise but it’s pretty self-explanatory, it’s also referenced by the new Avatar Power exercise and even NLP where you vislualise a more coinfident, rich, attractive 9etc) You and then step into them and feel how they stand, breathe, and so on.

Also almost all the Norse male gods have some physical ailment, loss of a hand or eye, which is something to explore if that has meaning to you.

Demons just talk about the wonders of the physical because they also suffer from “the grass is greener” syndrome, but you’ll notice they tend to encourage people to be rich and healthy and strong, very few seem to want to time-share a body with some crippled guy in constant pain, who’s begging in gutters in a poor nation with no welfare or meds.

They’re like tourists who only want to experience the glitzy part of town! :stuck_out_tongue:

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Words of wisdom. Can’t agree more.

I am not into demons but it seems any demon with common sense will say that mastering astral travel will overcome any physical impediment at least in the astral realm. And there one can have all the experiences with all the physical sensations.

My personal philosophy is fuck existence and lose individuality, attain nirvana/moksha. It doesn’t take 300 i.q points to see how fucked up everything is and the overall futility of existence. Being sensitive to life in the slightest sense can show the falsity of ‘for brighter future, let’s keep going’ crap.

Or being an orphan, raised amongst people worse than torturers , that also with having a sensitive mind as a child has made me pessimist.

Anyway, its your call.

Can’t be who I am without adversity, obstacles, torments, and living hell.

I’d be a big fat lazy puss nothing expecting shit given to me all the time.

Ain’t nothing like different degrees of suffering.