What about cursing a group of people?

Hey! So, I have again some problems with some people who I know for some time. I pretend that I don’t see them, I don’t greet them and don’t even want to see them, but it seems like they don’t understand. I don’t like them and they’re nothing to me. It makes me want to move from my neighborhood just to have peace and silence. I see of my own things, and I hate when someone disturbs my peace to the point when I’m imagining murder and planning to kill. There are also other reasons why I want to do that, but I won’t explain. Next time probably I’ll tell them that I’ll rip their heads if they don’t stop and I’ll show to everyone my bad side or I’ll make someone an example to show everyone what can happen to them.

What is the most powerful curse which I can put on a group of people? I’ve read about nidstang in baneful magick.

The same curse you put on an individual can be put on a group, “powerful” is based on how much you put into it not the curse itself, so that part shouldn’t matter. However, personally I’d curse the group to become something toxic to one another until they break up.


What method would you choose?

I do direct magick/energy work so I usually scan for bonds/links and alter or break them between those involved (personal feelings for or against makes it easier imo) or you can go the ritual route, or even the sigil route but the sigil shouldn’t be discarded until what’s done is done.

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