What abilities do Banshees have?

I mean i have heard that their scream is an omen of Death…But idk it can’t be just that right?

Are they even real?? Any information on them?
Anyone here encountered/worked with one?

Any information would be appreciated :slight_smile:


DId you mean this one?

Someone from UK/Irish background will be of more help.


Yeah that’s the one, but there is barely any information on them…

Sorry kiddo, I have not worked with them yet. I only posted the link so that others will know what banshee is ;-).


If they are spirits related to death i wpuld think they would be related to necromancy. This is just speculation though. If practical information is limited meditation on the myths and legends of the banshee may yield some practical results.

This type of meditation would establish a light to deep connection to these spirits depending on how deep down that rabbit hole you go,which in the experiences where i have using this method can result in them basically dropping info in you lap through synchronicity.

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I’m actually from the country valleys of wales in the U.K. The banshees are known to have walked these lands.

These beings are great with baneful works they also are necromantic, but they are by nature, a darker side of the Moon spirit.

They have that dark destructive lunar death essence to them, they abilities vary depending on what banshee you commune with.


Can you please tell more :smile:
Have you worked with one?
How should someone summon them?

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Use this summoning incantation.

" I call now to the screaming ones
Messengers of death and demise
The wailing ones, who’s eyes
Are blood red from eternal cries
Greet me with kindness, do not throw death my way, but instead be a neutral power in this space
, hear my call banshees,
Women who are the dark shade
Of the ancient fairy mound,
Rise to my calling and come forth
, I call you, come banshees come
, mournful spirits, Rise, Rise
I summon thee forth, to come around me
All the sisters of the banshee legion
Rise, Rise, Come, Come "

Using this incantation you will
Summon all the banshees as
This is the traditional way
Of the Celtics.

The queen or leader etc,
Will rise and she’ll stand out
You may learn from here,
Or she will give you a personal
Banshee as a familiar.


They’re connected to the Morrigan. Other than that what you’ve been given is likely all you’ll get in terms of mythos. You see the Christian movement burned and destroyed much of the Celtic tradition, at least what was written of it. The rest is oral tradition.


This is also a strong synchronicity for me.


I do. I was fighting a guy so mean and bully to everyone. Tru im a pacific guy, and met bfre it was a hi. Well was bulling a few peopls. And spmeone ask to help. And its good now. I use a pray. If u want more info. Chk s. Rob ebooks in amazon

Thank you, I will definitely try this :slight_smile:

What’s The Morrigan like? If you don’t mind sharing :slight_smile:

@C.Kendall That’s fucking fascinating. At least the lunar nature of banshees. I’m excited to see what you learn from your Celtic pathworking.


Irish version


Scottish versions

There we go.


There’s also “La Llorona”. Mexican version.

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The crying woman who cries because of her children’s death and wanders the earth to find them…
Is there more information on her?

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Ofcourse. This is the version of which I’m most familiar with.

Historical bullet points from the film’s website.

And ofcourse wikipedia.

Actually there’s a spirit that I’m close to that wishes for me to stop getting into this topic so I will stop. Probably for my own safety. She seems to feel worried.


La llorona seems to be a modern variation but is the only instant she harms children she seems to be more related to Jenny Green Teeth or Black Anis in the fey world. The majority of women that became banshees, washers and weepers are woman who died in childbirth on the thresh hold of life and death and become deaths messengers to the living until they would have died naturally if not for the childbirth incident.


I had a girlfriend once who called one on a ouija board and it was a disaster that took a long time to get rid of. Then again if you learn more and find some good information then go ahead. I think a banshee would only be good for cursing an enemy, just my opinion because otherwise I don’t know that much about it