What 3 mtg colors would you say matches the god(s) of Abrahamic religions

This is probably not appropriate considering it’s about magic the gathering. But I’m a player and enjoy the philosophy of the color pie. So, one thing I sometimes find myself doing is assigning color combos to deities.

When it comes to the god (or gods) in the Abrahamic religions, I find that two common colors are white (civilization, law, unity, light) and black (self interest, sacrifice, ambition, darkness). This color combination typically means either someone who uses the group towards their own ends or governs the group through force. However, what third color I’d add would seem depend on what religious group I’m talking about.

Any thoughts from other mtg players?

well the God of Abrahmic faith was a God of war and sky, those associations kind of falls into where he goes.

Depending on the testiments that could change. New testament could be white, blue and green.

White blue being structure.
White green being community
Blue green being truth seeking

Old testament could be more white black green

Black white being tribalism
White green community
And green black being profanity also heavy accociation to lilith

Yes, an Abzan colorization, based on both his power over nature and tribal belief system.

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