What 2021 holds for you?(group readings)

Here I am again with another group readings! Its fun to have a peek on whats going on!
Pick a number 1 2 3 or 4 and check the comments!

The tarot is about whats happening this year and the oracles is guidance for you to get you through it!
PS. Please wait until I am done posting all 4 readings!
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Group 1

The world: Achievement, Fulfillment, Possibilities, Successful conclusions.
3 of cups: friendship, community, gatherings, celebrations, group events, social events.
Knight of wands: courageous, energetic, charming, hero, rebellious, hot tempered, free spirit.
9 of cups: wishes coming true, contentment, satisfaction, success, achievements, recognition, pleasure.
King of cups: wise, diplomatic, balance between head and heart, devoted, advisor, counsellor.

2021 starts with all the efforts that you have been putting in place are starting to pay off. You have completed a major milestone in your life and you have built the resilience to withstand challenges. There is a recognition that the individual self is profoundly linked with all other things, and that we all dance and sway along the flow of life to one rhythm. Not only do you hear this rhythm, but you participate in it - following the dips and the rises, the joys and the sorrows.
You will be able to forget the worries of your daily life and spend quality time with family and friends.
By the middle of 2021 will be a great time to get away and travel. You will feel charged up and full of life, and ready to get things done. You might be planning to move to another place of residence. There might be an event that you don’t expect to happen so soon.
You have struggled to find purpose and joy after loss, you have tasted the different things that life offers, and you have left comfort in order to find greater heights. Here, you have found them, and you are indulging yourself as you celebrate this new stage of your life.
If you have a something that you desire greatly, there is a possibility that you will finally achieve it by the end of 2021!
You have a deeper knowledge and awareness of yourself because you have balanced your emotions and are able to control them.
There are instances when the King of Cups can symbolize an older male who is in your life. This is a mature man who is willing to take responsibility for his actions and has mastered his own self-understanding.

Fire - Lion:
Patient, regal, a complete master.
The lion is a master of the fire element and the living mascot of self-transformation. A lion personality dedicates their life to personal and spiritual growth. This dedication inspires some and intimidates others, therefore the lion is respected by all but known intimately by few. Some mistake the lion as hard to access or aloof, yet those with a keener eye know better. Lions are observant, stealth, and precise in their words and actions. They do not waste energy or resources. This card reminds us that self mastery is available to all, no matter where our guest begins.
When in balance: the epitome of peace and strength
When out of balance: withdrawn, too serious
To bring into balance: daily meditation, friendship

26 Flamingo spirit - Embace the in-between:
Oracle Message: Balance comes easily to Flamingo Spirit, whi sees what was and what will be and stands strong in the face of uncertainty. You can be informed by what came before and plan for a future yet to be, but do not resist Flamingo Spirit’s call to be fully present in the now, where the real magic happens. With one foot in the life you are moving away from and one in the future as you become the one who leads the life of your highest intentions, you must make peace with the face that you are not fully in either place. Embace the in-between!
The presence of Flamingo Spirit is also a sign that your creativity is arising within you and opportunities are beginning to present themselves. Remain here in a balanced state of mind, for there is much to know and learn before going forward with new plans. You can trust this moment and yourself as you take in what you see and become aware of all that you are experiencing in this in-between time.

Stag - Trust and Thrive:
Message: Come alive and thrive. Stand in your light and glory with grace and majesty.
About: The Stag card brings graceful and powerful medicine into your life. In the Celtic traditions, the stag, with his crown of antlers, is known as the King of the forest and is a totem that brings protection in challenging times. In Native American traditions, he is greatly loved, for stags and deer have provided food for the people and materials that have allowed them to create medicine items such as drums, rattles and smudge fans. Although the stag has been hunted in the past, and still is, he has strength, dignity and poise. When this card arises, it can also represent fertility and sexuality - maybe an opportunity to explore your sexual side, with your spiritual integrity supporting you on that journey.
Extended Message: You have an opportunity to thrive. Trust in all that you have to offer - all your gifts, strength and power - and make the most of it. You were born to lead and this can only become reality when you are willing to put yourself in that position. Stag energy allows you to feel safe because the antlers keep away anything that could interfere with your intelligence and presence, and their strength gives you the power to be agile in your thinking. You are being encouraged to retain your dignity and be proud of who you are and all that you’ve accomplished. This in turn will give you even more power to thrive. Onwards and upwards!

18 The Earthkeeper:
The essence: Just as you’re involved in co-create your world, you are also responsible for its well-being. The Earthkeeper are dedicated to the stewardship of the earth and all life. They choose to hold the sacred dream of a planet where all beings live in peace and where the rivers and the air are clean. Remember that everything you do has an impact for seven generations.
The invitation: You have outgrown your small dream of success and achievement and are ready to dream big, with possibilities beyond your wildest expectations. Take on the mantle of the Earthkeeper, and reach out to a friend in need whom you may not have been in touch with for some time. Take care of your pets, and feed the strays that come by. Clean up your yard, as this is reflection of your relationship to the earth. Grow the sacred dream, and your personal life will flourish. Remember, it’s not about “me” any longer.

20 Enlightenment:
Before enlightenment do the wash; after enlightenment do the wash. Nothing changes with enlightenment other than our inner peace. Each time you can be and not think, that is enlightenment. No mind. No judgement, no analysing, and no thoughts. Simply being moment to moment. Shutting down our incessant minds and just experiencing an inner peace with the universe. Oneness. That inner balm is enlightenment.

28 Beyond the storm - Protection:
Storms will come and go and every dark cloud will clear. Beyond every storm there is a clear sky. The sun will shine once more, so look beyond the current situation. There is nothing to fear for I, Michael, will protect you and keep you from harm. You cannot avoid the current situation, so let it come and go. There is nothing you have done to create it; sometimes storms just appear. They are part of nature, and our human nature also. There is light within darkness. Look beyond the storm. There is already a clear blue sky in the distance. The sun shines even when we cannot see it.
“Trust that all is unfolding as it should. Within each moment there is love. It may not be obvious but love is always present.”

Archangel Uriel
Affirmation: I am one with everyone in peace and serenity.


Group 2

9 of cups: wishes coming true, contentment, satisfaction, success, achievements, recognition, pleasure.
Knight of wands: courageous, energetic, charming, hero, rebellious, hot tempered, free spirit.
3 of cups: friendship, community, gatherings, celebrations, group events, social events.
9 of pentacles: rewarded efforts, success, achievement, independence, leisure, material security, self-sufficiency
Page of cups: idealism, sensitivity, dreamer, naivete, innocence, inner child, head in the clouds.

You have struggled to find purpose and joy after loss, you have tasted the different things that life offers, and you have left comfort in order to find greater heights. At the start of 2021, you have found them, and you are indulging yourself as you celebrate this new stage of your life. You have achieved what you desire greatly!
Soon it will be a great time to get away and travel. You will feel charged up and full of life, and ready to get things done. You might be planning to move to another place of residence. There might be an event that you don’t expect to happen so soon.
By the middle of 2021n You will be able to forget the worries of your daily life and spend quality time with family and friends. There might be a wedding or a party!
You reached a stage in you live where you are confident, independent and self-sufficient. Through hard work, you will be ready to enjoy money, leisure and material comfort. Before the end of 2021 will be the time of restraint and grace. Diplomacy and grace will lead to the desired outcome.
You will be open to new ideas, especially ones that stem from intuitive inspiration. Such inspiration should be embraced, despite it being something that you may not expect. It could lead you to adventure and open many doors. If it is a calling of a creative nature, for example, one to get into music or art, go for it.

Water - Swan:
Effortless creativity, sensitive mystic, elegant power.
The swan represents heightened creativity. In Hindu mythology, the goddess saraswati (the embodiment of language, creativity, and artistry) rides on the back of this graceful creature. The Swan is ready to take us there - to the fluid realm of writing, creating, and reflecting. This potent and healing energy is not to be taken for granted or taken lightly. When the Swan card appears your soul is calling for attention… for solo time. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, an inner vision likely to be revealed.
When in balance: infinite creative power
When out of balance: agitated, snippy, lacking vision
To bring into balance: solo time, writing

16 Coyote spirit - Trust in divine detours:
Oracle Message: Do you find that you are being led on a strange detour in your life right now? Does it seem that what appears to be the next right action and the right choice, best situation, or fabulous relationship unexpectedly turns into the opposite - or just disappears into thin air, as if you’ve been tricked? Coyote spirit’s trickster energy is designed to bring you into situations to teach you lessons you have forgotten to learn. Perhaps you need a taste of failure before you experience success, a need to feel disappointment before you can truly appreciate the joy, love, and prosperity that is coming up for you. Perhaps you are revisiting a pattern you forgot wasn’t in alignment with the life you are intending to co-create, being reminded that gratitude, not complacency, will keep you awake and aware of all that is available to you in this moment. Coyote spirit reminds you to laugh about the unexpected twists, to develop humility and gratitude while releasing your attachments to the form of your desires. Even when you suddenly find yourself on a detour, wondering when you will get back on track to manifesting what you desire, remember that spirit has a plan and wants the best for you. Trust in divine order now. Coyote spirit is a divine helper; no matter what seems to go astray, thing are exactly as they are supposed to be.

Fire Guardian - Ignight your passion:
Message: Connect with your desires. The sparks could lead to something beautiful.
About: the fire Guardian represents the angels of fire. Fire is an energy that many people are afraid of, but shouldn’t be. Burning desires can lead to great expansion. Allow the fire Guardian to help you awaken a wilder side of yourself and burn away any fear or shame that stands between you and your desires. When this card appears, you are reminded that passion is powerful and absolutely encouraged by spirit.
Extended Message: You are being guided by your angels to connect with the powerful energy of desire at this time. If you have recently set an intention to explore your sexual side or become more sexually open, the fire of desire can burn away any old setbacks that are preventing you from expressing that part of your nature. If you are in a relationship, this card can indicate a great spiritual and sexual connection.

23 The Giveaway:
The essence: The Giveaway is the gift you offer to life, without attachment, without expecting anything back. You can only give what is truly your: a smile, a nod of encouragement, a gentle touch, and a kind word. This is not giving to others what you no longer want, like the sweater that no longer fits, but gifting that which is most precious - your authentic love and genuine feelings.
The medicine: Is it difficult for you to set limits on how much of yourself you give? If you give more than is healthy, then you will not be able to give for long. You’ll feel resentful with your partner or associates, or you’ll feel like the world owes you something in return.
Notice if you give for any reason other than pure generosity. Are you trying to be liked or accepted? Are you hoping to heal an old wound?
Start giving to yourself first and foremost. Offer yourself the care, the love, the time, and the acceptance that you are longing for. Once you experience plenty, then you can truly give to others.

31 Perfection:
Perfection is a flawless state where everything is right and in a state of completion. “It’s working its way to perfection” is a great phrase to say to yourself when you are uncertain. It sets the tone for perfection and allows you to move forward. Just saying this phrase makes waiting easier. Because we live in a physical word, waiting is unavoidable. Things take time. When we tell ourselves it’s working its way to perfection, it inevitably does.

33 The orion gate - Service :
What is more important, being of service to others or being of service to yourself? This is a recurring dilemma that you must reconcile. Know that service to others can only be sustained if you look after your own needs first. You cannot honour life and the universe if you do not honour yourself. Acknowledge this great truth quietly within your loving heart. Does it not make sense to you? Stand before the light of love and allow it to dissolve any lingering traces of guilt. It is possible to be of service to humanity without sacrificing your own needs, it just requires great love.
“Love is the light of your soul; it is a flame of knowledge that stems from deep within the heart of creation.”

Affirmation: I acknowledge who I truly am.


Group 3

The hierophant: tradition, social groups, conventionality, conformity, education, knowledge, beliefs.
7 of wands: protectiveness, standing up for yourself, defending yourself, protecting territory.
Judgement: self-evaluation, awakening, renewal, purpose, reflection, reckoning.
Ace of cups: love, new feelings, emotional awakening, creativity, spirituality, intuition.
The star: hope, inspiration, positivity, faith, renewal, healing, rejuvenation.

The start of 2021, you have a certain desire to actually follow a process which has been well established. You want to stay within certain conventional bounds of what could be considered an orthodox approach. So, instead of being innovative, you are adapting to certain beliefs and systems which are already put in place and are existing. You might be involved in certain ceremonies, rituals or other religious trappings, for instance.
You will go through a struggle to maintain your position. You should be ready for the competition to you defend your title, and to prove yourself. Others are going to desire the same results that you do, so you need to stay ahead of the them. There will be challenges to the success of your project or venture from an outside source. You must remain dedicated to your desires, and with a clear purpose and effort, you will overcome them. There are setbacks during this time, but you need to keep fighting for your beliefs and confront those that may threaten or oppose you and your beliefs.
By the middle of 2021, you are coming close to this significant point in your life where you must start to evaluate yourself. you are in a period of awakening, brought on by the act of self-reflection. You now have a clearer idea of what you need to change and how you need to be true yourself and your needs. This can mean making small changes to your daily life or making huge changes that not only affect you but the people close to you. You may have to let go of the past, so you can move forward with your plans to have a new life.
Before the end of 2021, there is a new beginning, a chance to start fresh. It might come in the form of opening yourself up to the possibilities of new relationships, romantic or otherwise, that have the ability to make you emotionally fulfilled.
You have gone and passed through a terrible life challenge. You have managed to go through this without losing your hope. While you suffered, you perhaps were not aware of your own strength, but you are now perhaps recognizing that the loss helped you discover your own resilience and inner power. It is only now that you can really appreciate all that you have. Have faith, for the universe will bless you and bring forth all that you need.

Fire - Hyena:
Humor, wit, sarcasm.
The hyena personality is a jokester and crowd pleaser, but below the surface there are unfulfilled dreams to be realised. When the Hyena card appears it’s time to reflect on your reliance on sarcasm and humor to express your truth. Are you using jokes to hide old resentments in relationships, or to mask things that you feel uncomfortable discussing? What would happen if you took your goals seriously?
When in balance: charming, witty, fun to be around
When out of balance: scrappy, petty, suspicious
To bring into balance: sobriety

24 Electric eel spirit - Bring your ideas to life:
Oracle Message: Seemingly out of nowhere, the jolt of Electric Eel Spirit appears to awaken you to a big idea that you are meant to explore. Epiphanies and aha moments are gifted to you right now - so celebrate! Your life has the potential for profound transformation; inspiration arises in you, electrifying you so that you can’t wait to get started bringing your idea to life. The revelations you experience now are meant to set you on a new path, so do not be afraid to act. Explore, examine, and do not fear the changes that may come, for Spirit wants to shower you with the love, success, and abundance that you hope to experience. Now is a thrilling time of epiphanies, inspired ideas, and innovation. This is a wondrous sign for you today!

Magick Guardian - Unlock the Magick Within:
Message: Stop looking outside yourself and recognise that you have incredible power within.
About: Magick is the energy of the universe that allows you to manifest and create through the direction and power of your will. It changes according to your frequency. The Magick Guardian is a representation of the angel of magick who helps you direct your will to bring something into creation. She is the angel who swirls around shamans and wise ones when they are calling on the energy of magick to help them manifest something that will be healing and supportive of their path. She is the angel of all magick that is directed for the highest good of whoever is working with it.
Extended Message: You are the magick, you are the answer, you have it all within you. If you’ve been searching for an answer or a reason to focus, recognise that all that you are looking for is already within you. You are a powerful and magical person with the capacity to direct your intentions and will your desires into being. But your power can only be powerful when you own it. So take time to acknowledge it. Your ability to dedicate yourself to a goal and make it happen is a real gift that you are being guided to recognise now.

8 The Circle:
The essence: unification, interconnectedness, and a sense of continuum is what this card implies. The Circle reminds us we are all one-dancers in a unified continuous inclusive circle. This card reminds us of the cycles of life and the evolving self, ever changing, and always connected: human, spirit, nature, the cosmos, all intrinsically connected.
The medicine: when the Circle comes as your medicine, you’re meant to come to an understanding of the importance of decay and letting go, the importance of dying to an old form and being reborn anew. If you are faced with the challenge of loss or disappointment, remember this: in the Circle of life, nothing is ever wasted. Love will seek itself again, prosperity will come from a new idea or opportunity, and spirit always waits for you to find your place in the dance again.

6 Reflection:
It is fairly simple. Everything in our world is a reflection. If we leave the house grumpy, we attract grumpy people. If we leave in a great mood, we get great moods back. Wherever you go, there you are! When nothing is bothering us about anyone else, we are at peace and our reflections are ideal. The things we don’t like in another person are the things we don’t like in ourselves.
Reflect nature, it is always perfect. Reflect love. It is always the answer.

3 Sananda - Mastery:
Sananda - the evolved name of Jesus - signifies “he who has ascended into a higher dimension of awareness.” Through this card, Sananda invites you to ascend with him into the heart of love. In doing so you can rise above the obstacles and challenges you face. And Through the physical world will never be free of obstacles, from a higher perspective you will see they are not the solid inflexible structures that you initially imagine. You think that you exists in this physical world, but in reality it is the physical world that exists through you. For you are, in essence, light and you have the power to transcend physical reality and raise your awareness by connecting with the eternal light and love inside you. Through light all has come and through light all is transformed and healed.
Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a body of light. Imagine all around you as pure light. Let each thought float away as you drift into the inner peace of your soul. To view life from your soul’s perspective is true mastery.
“The physical world is built from particles of light, It is spirit clothed in matter; A reflection of my immortal soul.”

Affirmation: I co-operate with everyone.


Group 4

Knight of swords: assertive, direct, impatient, intellectual, daring, focused, perfectionist, ambitious.
King of wands: leadership, vision, big picture, taking control, daring decisions, boldness, optimism.
4 of pentacles: possessiveness, insecurity, hoarding, stinginess, stability, security, savings, materialism, wealth, frugality, boundaries, guardedness.
4 of wands: community, home, celebrations, reunions, parties, gatherings, stability, belonging.
9 of cups: wishes coming true, contentment, satisfaction, success, achievements, recognition, pleasure.

You started 2021 going towards your goals, there is absolutely no stopping you. You don’t see or care about any upcoming challenges. You are filled with sheer ambition, strength and determination to succeed with your quest no matter what. However, this determination could also blind you to see the potential consequences of your actions on others as you make your way to success. You may charge forth into a very dangerous territory without preparation or actual foresight, and this could lead you to great danger.
You are way more likely to take an idea and to decisively implement it yourself.you will take the lead because you are extremely capable. You are going to conveniently stick to your goals in order to ensure that it becomes a reality.
By the middle of 2021, you have successfully managed to accomplish much of your goals and you have managed to attain a significant material wealth in the process. You are in a position in which you have solid investments and that you are financially stable. Because of your new-found wealth, you are being particularly conservative about money, and you are most definitely not inclined to gamble when it comes to any kind of financial matters. You are protective of what you have managed to accumulate throughout time, and you desire to steadily increase your overall net worth.
Before the end of 2021, you will be reaching a particularly important milestone. This is going to provide you with grounds for celebration which is also to be considered. You have managed to complete a proper and paramount phase of your project, and meaning you have every reason to be feeling proud and satisfied.
You have struggled to find purpose and joy after loss, you have tasted the different things that life offers, and you have left comfort in order to find greater heights. By the end of 2021, you have found them, and you are indulging yourself as you celebrate this new stage of your life.
If you have a something that you desire greatly, there is a possibility that you will finally achieve it.

Earth - Buffalo:
Grounded yet heavenly, practical yet spiritual.
The hooves of the mighty Buffalo are grounded in the Earth, yet its heart and mind rise toward heaven. The Buffalo sees challenge, hardship, or a bump in the road as an apportunity for upliftment. Therefore the Buffalo doesn’t fear death, illness, or misfortune… its gentle eyes look to the road ahead, trusting every turn. May we all experience this elusive yet life-changing bliss from time to time, and may we allow this card to remain us that life is a precious gift.
When in balance: trusting, pure presence
When out of balance: restless, lack gratitude
To bring into balance: prayer, bhakti

10 Buffalo spirit - The abundant universe will provide:
Oracle Message: Buffalo spirit comes to you now to remind you of the amazing manifesting power of gratitude and the extraordinary potential available to you when you adopt a mindset of abundance. The ancient people of the Americas saw the Buffalo as a symbol of abundance because the herds roamed far and wide, and provided so many gifts - the meat, the hide, the bones. The tribes who hunted the Buffalo used every bit of them, wasting nothing, appreciative of the abundance. So, too, do you have many gifts available to you. Buffalo spirit appears to let you know that you are in a powerful time to manifest your desire - not by force or pushing but rather by following a natural path that rises up before you, trusting that there is always plenty to go around. Whether it be love, money, inspiration, or support, it’s all there for you to claim.
When you are grateful, you immediately align yourself with the truth that the world is rich and teeming with resources. There is always more than enough, and you are always enough.
At this time, you can expect all your intentions and needs to come into a form that is right for you. Your heartfelt gratitude is making you a magnet for miracles. Buffalo spirit’s message is to remember that you co-create your reality in partnership with spirit, so offer up your thanks and your prayers, even before you see conditions you desire - not just for yourself, but for others too - then you will quickly see the results in tangible ways. Gratitude has the magic to grow the good, so offer thanks and praise as you acknowledge all that you have and all that is possible.

Shaolin Master - Be graceful in movement and action:
Message: Slow and steady. Breathe and flow. Take a gentler approach.
About: The Shaolin Master calls forth the ninja within. Shaolin medicine is about learning to adapt to a situation and to tap into the energy running through your body and preserve it in order to release it at the right moment. It also teaches subtlety, because when you are too forceful, you use too much energy, and that may not be supportive of what you are working on.
This Shaolin Master, like a monk, has respect for all thing. He is disciplined and guided by his art and will never use it to impress the foolish or to appear stronger than someone who is threatening him. You, too, are being invited to remain graceful in your movement, choices and actions.
Extended Message: You are being guided to flow like water, blow like air and connect with your purest intentions. Don’t feel you need to rush ahead. A gentler approach will be more fruitful and rewarding. Move with subtlety and grace. Reach high, but also ask yourself how you can move with the flow of life rather than pushing against it. Do you have the capacity to refocus your gaze at this time? Can you slow down? Or take more time to soften and breathe as you move forward? All of this will be incredibly beneficial for what happens next.

7 The Child:
The essence: the Child knows the way to joy and happiness. The child offers the return of a second innocence, a time born of wisdom and not of naivete. This card allows you to correct your course and offers you a second chance. It brings you the possibility of redemption and entering heaven while on earth.
The medicine: the child comes to show you how you can correct the course of your life without being punished. Set yourself free from your conditioning for suffering; you were born unfettered and happy, and can be so again if you make the choice right now! The child will help you climb out of the hole you may have dug yourself into, to recover your sense of play.

33 Trust:
Trust takes time, but it is an important quantity to embody. Most of what we worry about never happens. We must trust in the universe that we are always taken care of, that a benevolent universe works on our behalf. But we must participate in the exchange in order to see just how taken care of we are. We can’t just be parasites and not give. If we do our part, the universe provides. There is a saying: Trust in God, but tie your camel. Do your homework, be observant, be wise. That is what trust is.

10 Blue earth angel - Higher vibration:
You are expanding your awareness and evolving to a higher vibration. This great vibratory shift is part if humanity’s natural evolution. It is occurring alongside rapid technological change. Time seems to be going faster and faster, the days and years fly by. This is why you feel overly sensitive and emotional at times and why there is so much fear and confusion in our world. Looking back at out history we see that great change usually occurs in times of conflict and upheaval. Perhaps these conditions are necessary in order for major change to occur. The beautiful angel on this card is here to assure you that all is well and unfolding as it should. You are safe and humanity is on the right track, even though at times it may not seem so. Some out-dated structures in our global fabric may need to fall along with some out-dated views and mind sets, but this is a necessary part of our evolution. A new era will soon be born, one of higher awareness and great love. You are part of this new world.
“I am a luminous eternal essence. I am a sky full of endless love. I am forever with you, for we are one.”

Archangel Jophiel
Affirmation: I connect with my inner wisdom.


Thanks for your patience! Hope this makes sense :sweat_smile: was a trip to put this together…


Awesome work!!! @MiKu

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Hi miku!
Thank you for the reading and I appreciate the work you do. I can tell you’re devoted and connected to the realms we cannot see.

I chose number 2 and it resonates. The past few years have been difficult. Full of obstacles and patterns within myself I couldn’t see until I experienced situations that amplified it. I’m healing the way I give and take. Setting boundaries has been hard but a reliable way to put myself first. But also leading towards self compassion.

Again, thank you!


I chose 4 and it very strongly resonates.
I have been through a lot over the past 5 years, and I have been working very hard to become financially stable.

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i choose 2
I’ll have to try really hard to skip class and i’m not sure if i can

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Number 1 and holy s*** it is 100% my situation. :scream:

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Awesome my chosen number resonates with things as was set up end 2020 going into 2021!!

Great work!

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Thank you for the reading!

I find it very accurate almost like a personal reading

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Can I have one please?

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Its a group reading so just pick a number and go to the first 4 comments to find the number you picked!

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I love these group readings. Thank you for posting them. I appreciate it. :heart:

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Exiting, thank you very much!

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group 4

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4 as well

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