Werewolves vs. Vampires

Hello all,

I know that in fiction the two species listed in the title are enemies but I don’t know about real-life occult circles. I thought I’d post here though as both are predators. I want to point out though that my intention here is not to make fun of the area at all as I’m genuinely interested in it.

The main point here is that, as stated by the forum title, there is a class of magic related to vampirism but I’ve never been interested in those chaps as a rule but would like to know if there’s one for their lycan associates. If so, what’s involved and what’re the nature of the results?

Thanks in advance.


If I’m not mistaken Michael Ford has some stuff on werewolves/lycanthropy. Check the shape shifting sub forum, I think I posted a link there about it a long time ago.

Do you know the Loogaroo ? See here : http://houseoftwilight.com/blood/5-blood-general/22-loogaroo-louisiana-strega-bloodline.html

A lot of older European traditions (as did Native American shamans) had a branch focused on the wolf, but most of what you find will vary depending on which reconstructionist author you are reading.