Werewolf and dire wolf spirit contact

Hi all I’m new to all this and help on summoning and contact with this type of spirit would be super help full mostly how to bind one to a ring I anyone has done befor

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What experience do you have with evocation in general may i ask?

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What do you want to accomplish by doing this?

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I can so far hear but not see spirits but want to summon one as I hear they are amazing at protection of there masters

In my brief experience with the kind of spirits and forces your speaking of, they are violent and difficult to control, and more often than not do nothing but cause havoc and influence magicians who summon them into becoming as savage and violent as they are.

A better option to consider is calling a demon like King Belial and asking him for one of his familiars for this purpose, and he will give you instructions on binding it to a ring if you wish.

But if you really have your heart set on it, evoke a demon named Barbatos and he can help you with that, but be very careful with what he brings you.


It’s just there was a website saying u can buy a ring with one binded to it and that it was easy to controll and protects could be bad info on there website

Sounds useful

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How to I call on one

@Novicebrett Honestly, no clue. The general idea is the same as any familiar, but I don’t know how to specifically call a dire wolf. I was going to search around in some grimoires for the info, but that kind of got sidelined because I had other things to do. I am interested in it myself, so I will probably get around to it eventually.