Were should i start?

I’ve studied different magics for a while and only have a little practice with anything. the biggest thing holding me back right know is not knowing were to start, can anyone give me any pointers?
with great appreciation -that 1guy

You could start by devolping your psychic sense. If you have not done that already.


I would say start with energy meditations and sensation exercises. Aura strengthening, Kundalini work, life-force and bio-electric sensations… most if not schools of magic will have a focus on this.


if you don’t mind me asking how did you start that process?

Me? Honestly I used crystal energies. A lot of beginners like crystals because they are responsive in ways that other materials are not. You can do a lot with crystals, including summoning entities, especially if you know the associations.

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thank you

You could start with candle magick and creating custom sigils for your goals.

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Be able to hold a crisp color image in your mind for minimum five minutes. Godforms. Vibration. Meditation.

Know any good books on kundalini?

The UR Group writings were for a magic intended in a mere “spiritual growth” sense, but they are probably useful also for divination, evocation etc. So you may, for example, visualize yourself as the center of the Universe and feel that everything gravitates on your deepest being; meditate on you extending beyond the physical body. Materialize your mind, pull it out of the head and concentrate on the thoughts: with that trick, they will become detached from the Spirit observing them.

No specific books however Asenath Mason covers the topic in her Draconian Ritual book (which is tailored for newcomers of Draconian magic)

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Thank you