Were demons fallen angels?

I just can’t imagine it because one demon has a crow head, one demon has a toad, human face and a cats face next to each other on a spiders body? Demons seem to have different body parts from different animals etc… I don’t believe they transformed themselves from above to earth

Some demons were angels who at some point were turned demon as a means of cutting ties with their past. However not all demons are fallen angels, some angels stay what they are and simply join them Infernal Empire which is full of non demon beings and humans. Also not all demons look weird and animal-like. Some demons look pretty ‘human’


Ok gotcha thanks

Depends on the culture we are talking about, as well as the form they decide to take for the individual. A majority of the forms of spirits from historical religions have deep symbolism to every day life for the people who lived in that time period.

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Not all of them look like disembodied animals and some look very awesome and sexy with animal features idk I’m weird like that but most of them look very human and are very kind


They can take on whatever form usually something you manifest to communicate. I won’t say if they are tied or have any particular form.

That’s true, I like seeing them in their true forms lol makes it atleast to me nicer for communication

For me it shows trust and it helps build trust no need for anyone to hide behinde a mask so I enjoy seeing the as they are

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