Went skyclad

Due to annoying stinging right side chest pain all weekend; decided to call upon Marbas, and invoke him as into my body as I could, drawing his sigil over my heart to use as a doorway into my heart for him and his familiars, since Afib is my issue, with a healthy diabetes, I 'powerfully asked/commanded him and his fams, to enter my body and posess me to whatever degree necessary to heal my body of its issues and protect my brain from stroke also.
had to go skyclad- something just said ‘do it’. i remember orisman preferring not as he is a ‘bashful fella’- I respect that. ima slut, kicked out of 2nd grade for dancing nude on the desks afew too many times. but aside from that. I wanted him to know I was fully opend to him and his fams and wanted to prove as best I could i held nothing in reserve. I wanna live- “50 more years” I told him, admitting it was long to unreasonable- but I wanted to live a long strong vigerous life in order to continue to serve and help those less fortunate and more suffering than I. And if anyone should ask me why I am so ‘vibrant and healthy’- I pacted that Marbas would get glowing reports as well as trying to show people how to access him. I also swore I would never use him for baneful or any less than benificial or lifegiving purposes… (i do have abit of a shit list ya know!) but he is permanently sequestered in my life to only good life loving happy health work. I got a serious “current swooning wavy feeling” when saying this as if I was sitting in the bottom of a warm ocean and the current literally pulling me side to side. From the outset the ‘current was thick and warm’. I was not sure what to give for ofering, so at each point of the compass gave him whiskey with my blood in the north, milk in the west, bread in the south, and a big strawberry in the east, explaining what their symbolism was to me in relation to this ritual. my blood was to seal my truthfullness and fidelity to my oaths to him. As I opened a sigil at the beginning by drawing it, I set it alight after we were done. i also prepared 4 nice sigils for E,W,N,S of the sanctum.
Other than Bella barking as soon as I began chanting his enn-(stone dead quiet while meditating or whisper praying- it was really nice time. As I already planned to do another tomarrow night, i will make sure she is fed and fat and napping next time.

Anyway. tonight was really nice. now hoping i can get fixed like I want.

Nice report, and I wish you success. Nothing wrong with practicing magic in your birthday suit. I often do. For me, it’s symbolic of freeing myself from earthly/human bonds, and leaving myself completely open. No barriers, ya know?

I wish you the best and hope the spirits can help you with your medical condition, DM.