Well, we got a snake

So, ophidiophobia runs in the family. Now that we’ve moved to the family farm, one or two are running around. I’m having some fun pointing out the various snake sheddings like a sadist. However, I’m just as concerned. It or they have managed to get into the basement. So, who knows what they’re capable of doing.

Any opinions on rites to ward off snakes?


If you are open to working with saints, there is an Irish one known for “chasing them off of Ireland”


Otherwise I would contact a serpent associated spirit to ward them off.


Maybe Michael could help?

Serpents hold much wisdom. I would contact a serpent deity and work with them.


On a side note, If you have any snake skins that you find, I would keep and use them as ritual implements.


You start by getting rid of your mice and rats. If you have snakes in your house, then you almost certainly have rodents. Solve that and the other will solve itself.


Gosh what a good question. I live in the philippines and we have the occasional cobra appear here to and whenever it happens my little community panics. I’m sure there’s a good spell for keeping them away.
In the koran it says if a snake comes into your house leave the door open for it to escape. If it leaves in 3 days then there’s nothing to worry about because it was from God. If it doesn’t leave then cut off its head because it comes from the devil. Lol don’t know how I remembered that tidbit. If you find a good spell let me know I’m all ears.

just don’t get bitten by poisonous ones.

people don’t really have fear of them. it’s the fear of being bitten by poisonous ones. Most people never interacted with snakes. Granted, they are cold blooded!! lol.

Very strong smelling oils like cedar or clove can keep them out of your living quarters but will need refreshed. I live in an area with Black Widow and Copperhead. As long as you keep your fingers and toes within sight, you won’t get bitten. Don’t stick your finger under or into things.


Shake out your shoes in the morning before you put them on too is a good rule of thumb

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In ancient egypt snakes played a duo role one as adversaries but two as the protectors of egypt. Sort of a necessary evil.

In human evolution snakes have been linked to greater eye quality, the more snakes the greater need to evolve better vision. Snakes like fruit trees just like us, so it was always and evolutionary arms race between snakes and us.

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St. Patrick.

Maybe a deity associated with snakes is reaching out to you.

Pffttttt the snakes in his house be like:

Side note, thank you for reminding me of who that is!

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Or maybe it’s exactly what I said it is, speaking as someone who actually lives in the country and has frequent dealings with snakes

This is a good tip as well

You’re welcome.