Well, my wife wants to get our house blessed!

She blames me for a whole bunch of supernatural attacks on her over the last two years and had not mentioned it to me before. Well she did say she “saw” things and it freaked her out but I didn’t see that actually being a bad thing!

We sleep in different beds due to health issues. She gets attacked in the middle of the night, hears noises and sees “things”.

Now she wants a fucking priest in here.

Fuck me. Hell I love the fact that supernatural shit is happening!

I said no. No fucking way I’m going to let some asshole who probably doesn’t believe his own lies coming in here and spreading some placebo bullshit around.

The threat of some “blessing” caused a pretty bad reaction in me. It feels like an insult to spirits and that I’m failing somehow. It feels like an embarrassment.

I feel like I’m standing on the edge of a precipice.

Any constructive advice? (Beyond divorce.)


Have you tried showing her the lighter side of Magick


Why not perform a blessing on the house yourself? You are a god in the flesh, after all, and perfectly able to do so (as is your wife).

She could stop the attacks by exerting her authority as a god.


I told her I’m mainly into energy work like soul travel and mysticism. The fact that Berith’s sigil is in my pillow case wouldn’t go down well I gather! (lolz)

It is the evocation side, or as she calls it: “voodoo and summoning entities” . That’s what she’s accusing me of doing. She even told me that she “knows” I have done “some things” (evocation) and “chanting”.

I don’t think I chant the Enns in my sleep, but you never know. She has never heard me chant. Of course I have done 10x more than she thinks she knows.

I told her I stopped when she initially told me about seeing and hearing stuff at night. We both witnessed paranormal activity together. A pot flying off the wall, the hood fan turning on high speed and not being able to switch it off, foot steps, howling, growling, lights turning on and off … you know … FUN STUFF!!


So why not evoke a nice spirit

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Like Elmo. Or something similar. I don’t know any nice spirits is why I said elmo.


Exactly! Thing is I already “blessed” the house during a consecration ritual while preparing the house for black magick workings. (I didn’t tell her that bit! ) I have protections in and out of the house. Egregore watch dog. The whole bit. The house if FINE.

You are right man. I told her she could bless the house herself and it might even be more effective than a priest! I honestly told her that 30 minutes ago.


LOL. I’m not evoking friggin Elmo. haha.

Right now I’ve got Berith helping me with OBEs and soul travel. Probably have a few shades hanging around for the show. Perhaps a few bums leeching some mojo. Some astral pests perhaps, but I haven’t felt any of that.

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I just meant try showing her they aren’t bad

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You could try walking the twilight path and calling on angelic entities for a change? I’m not saying stop dark stuff, just work with the light a bit more too.


Teach your wife EA’s banishing so that if she is attacked by anything, she can blast the hell out of it.


My girlfriend is pretty sensitive and gets freaked out at the energies produced by my rituals too. She’s slowly becoming more used to it, but in the beginning I had good success with teaching her a simple visualization that seems to really help:

  1. First, take a few deep, calming breaths. In through the nose, and out through the mouth. This will center her and help calm her mind.

  2. Then, imagine that you are surrounded by an “egg” or sphere of energy. It’s transparent like glass, but quite thick and sturdy, and it completely surrounds you, with no gaps anywhere.

  3. Every time you breathe in, imagine that glowing white or yellow light comes rushing in through the egg and enters your body, energizing you with purifying light. Every time you breathe out, imagine that black negativity, like stress, anxiety and fear is dispersing like smoke particles out through the egg, but can’t come back in.

  4. Continue to breathe in and out until all the black negativity is gone from within your egg and you feel completely energized and glowing with power and peace.

My girlfriend used to imagine that this egg was being generated by a little pendant she wore on her neck, but when she stopped wearing the pendant for whatever reason she switched to imagining that it was being generated by your heart. Doesn’t really matter, so long as she’s completely confident in it and knows that it’s working. Worth a try before she starts dragging in priests and such, at any rate.


That might work. Thank you.

The arch angel current / power of Raphael I can connect with very well. I’ll invoke Him tonight to help me amplify some energy and send it to my wife. Maybe this energy can be directed to get her to see me in a different light. Perhaps she wouldn’t be so haunted after.

Thank you.


Yeah. A lot of people seem to lean towards the light or the dark, skipping over the benefits of walking the line between the two. Sure one on the twilight path may not have access to the darkest darks or the lightest lights, but having adept ability to wield both light and dark makes up for not specializing in one or the other. With the twilight path, your ability with one side grows as the ability with the other grows. Keeping the balance is what makes it a harder path, but if you take it to its logical end, you are incredibly adaptable and potent.


… and cc @DarkestKnight

Thanks you two. Banishing or Shielding is great for “occultists”, but my wife wants nothing of this. That being said, I’ll try! I certainly know how to banish and shield but never had to.

Why am i hearing laughter from the back of the house. A young girl. woah. Nice.

K. shivers. wow. That was loud.

Ok I’ll try. Thanks guys.


Np man

Alright. I’m going to leave for a bit. Time to prep for a movie. Thanks for the great suggestions. I’ll try.

will see yawl tomorrow.


No problem, my friend. EA’s banishing is pretty simple. It’s just invoking Divine Light and blasting away. If your wife ever pointed her finger at something and went “pew, pew” she shouldn’t have a problem.

Good luck!


I’m ALWAYS in that boat. My mom is always having the house blessed and kicking spirits out. It works for about 5 hours then they all just come back. Just long enough for them to think they’re actually gone. Don’t worry to much about it.


@Rahnoren bro…with all due respect to the situation…
Stand your fucking black magical ground :sunglasses:

There is more power with YOU and the spirits YOU work with, than there is with some faggot that has to dress up in a robe carrying a impotent book and cross while repeating incantations he hardly even understands let alone can access the power of.

● Should you have to take “magical corrective action”, you can create a permanent portal/gateway/Seal so that darkness cannot escape from the house unless YOU tell it to leave

● Let the Darkness within you spill forth into your Aura, saturating it in your power.

(After doing this, I have experienced people being fearful of me, especially Christians, when they realize what the hell they are looking at lol. At that point, they realize they cant “get rid of” the Darkness/Demonic in me and thus they stop trying.)

● Form a buffer zone made of Darkness.
This will create a space where ANY type of RHP power, being, or vessel of that power or being (light, Christian, New Age) will become ineffective upon contact with your home/barrier.


Offensive Tactics

● Pre emptive Strike: Curse Any attempt to kick out the spirits you work with with utter failure.

● Curse the priest that will be coming so he is even more impotent in his power and faith.

●Destroy his crown chakra and cut him off from his Source So he cant do anything.

● Kill him Ahead of time with Baneful magic


● Cloak the house so neither the priest or your wife can sense the darkness.

● Cloak her mind so she cant sense the Darkness.

● Bind her to where she doesnt care about the activity in the house.

Lol i have more ideas but thats as far as im going with that area…
Hope this helps. Like i said, stand your ground. If all else fails, pull the darkness and spirits inside you amd keep them there. Then when everything is calm again, re release them in the world around you.

If you need help, pm me :smiley::metal: