Well my obsession spell is starting to work

I asked Lucifer to send me a spirit from hell to make a lover obsessed with me and last night she started sending me multiple messages in a row and getting upset that I wasn’t texting her back fast enough! So I’m giving Lucifer thanks for that blessing and the spirit he sent!


That is good. Hopefully it works out

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Hey, to each his own, and I can’t judge if that’s the result you were looking for. Glad you’re seeing results & good luck :bouquet:


Wow . Congratulations man . I’d really want to know ur status in the next few months .


Hail Lord Lucifer !!!


She also just messaged me she loves me without Me saying it first. Which she hasn’t done in months.


Sounds like its working, nice.

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Well, tell us the obsession spell details. Was it a jar? Was it another ritual type?

How did you ask Lucifer? What method did you use? When did you ask Lucifer and when did the spell start to work?

Details, details :grinning:


You should use the book Pusey whipped to help with the spell.

It wasn’t anything complex. I worship Lucifer. I pray to him daily. I just lit a candle and requested he sent me a spirit from hell that could make her obsessed with me. And that I would Glorify him and give the spirit thanks as the blessings came.


I have someone I’d like to do the same with I’m a beginner senses ain’t open really although I can feel energy I have been meditating on Lucifer sigil and I can feel his presence but I’d love to do this

I get in a dark closet with a candle and imagine all my chakras open with Lucifer sigil filling them.

Things are starting to get more intense. I got a message saying what Does she need to do to start getting Me too start messaging her first because she’s getting tired of it… and I only had her message me first twice

Be careful…she may start acting out. Just be prepared in case she does. Also be prepared in case she does get tired of messaging you first and leaves you alone.

Either way, just be prepared. Good luck & keep us posted with your continued results.

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Can you please share how you did it?

If you look at the profile, that user hasn’t been seen since October, and he was only here an hour.

Based on his OP, he did a petition or sigil magick with a simple request:

I asked Lucifer to send me a spirit from hell to make a lover obsessed with me

There’s only so many ways you can “ask Lucifer” and those two are the most common.

I’m closing this post considering how unlikely it is the OP will reply. OP, feel free to PM @moderators if you see this and want to reopen it and respond. :+1: