Well... Hi there!

Hi there! My name is Bin and I’m 22 years old.

Well… I prefer to keep things simple and natural, so I’m not calling that “doing magic”… But I enjoy exploring stuff which may be called that way. But I’m not the one who likes overcomplicating things, because Occam’s razor feels fair enough thing for me. Oh, just a thing… Funny enough, but I use “KindOfMagic” plugin in some of my personal projects, but it’s more about programming stuff, so don’t mind that.

I visited that forum first at March 2019… That’s when I was exploring YouTube binaurals and somehow came into a kinda more occult one. With someones honoring Lilith in comments. And there was also a link into this forum, like invitation to know more about her. I was like “well, enough surfing for today”… But next days I was about searching more about her while being extra curious, but alert as well like “just a little bit more info and I’m done, ok? digging too far may be dangerous…”. So, I started to explore that forum. Searching more and more info by using a search button. Found much useful things just by reading it. Started to feel being more drawn to Lilith. Found her enn, sigil, backstory and extra advices about various stuff. I just felt like (and still feeling now) building relationship with her. But I was making sure that I’ll know enough info first. And just when I started to make a first steps towards her I found some info about imposters. And that really pissed me off. I’m not even trained enough to feel the difference! Or so I thought… I was about run away and forget all of that… Again… But that feeling of being drawn to her didn’t dissapear. In fact it was quite opposite. So I had a hard time dealing with my fear and doubts while coming in direction to embrace her… To feel her better and balance my own approach to her while trying to develop my senses. Just finished working with 28 Lilith’s mantras from “Tantric Spellcraft” during a whole lunar month, one per day. That was a good experience. Now doing some shadow work and other things which pretty much about getting to know myself better.

I was prefered to stay away from signing up here by couple of reasons like “I’ll rather read as guest” and “Signing up here will be useless, maybe even dangerous, so there’s no reason doing it”. But now I was reading that posts about Lilith and thinking like “Hey, I remember reading something at this forum which can a good thing to look into… kinda… but nobody mentioned it yet? Rly?”. Just feeling like doing it myself now. Just a little quote reference… And maybe something else. Probably.

Goals: Exploring, learning stuff… Sharing some ideas when I feel like doing this.
Struggles: I like the idea of being open minded and look into things from multiple points of view… But it brings much doubts as well. As a result I’m dealing with trust issues now. And I’m also a bit chaotic at times…

Anyway, thx for reading this


Okay, from all that, I take it you are a beginner in magick?


Welcome @BlackIN100😊

Welcome, Bin liner.

Yup :smile:

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Welcome to BALG. If I understand you, is your main goal to get closer to Lilith?

It sounds like you may already know, but there is a wealth of good information in the search area. Best of luck

Yeah, pretty much noticed that :smiley:
Thx anyway

And there’s also self development and getting to know myself better, which is also the main one :thinking:


Everyone has different goals so may you reach yours.

Welcome to the forum.

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Welcome to the forum!:mage:‍♂