Well hello

I’m new to all and far to many this is all fresh but I’m kust going to lay ot all out there and see if I have any kind of responce ok as fat as my powers I’m not sure what they could be I know for a fact I travil to different places when I sleep I can make things happen I can see the future I can heal I can speak things an they happen now a fue months ago I had a dream ot I thought it was a dream but come to find out he is real now i never in my life ever hurd of this but his name he told me ot was belial and i looked it up and he was real and I mever hurd of him till that night and then the next night I travled to the lake of soles …any one have thoughts on this and why he would come to me anf then scare me awake maybe I was not suppose to be there Idno plz help

Welcome @Saltandpepper It is a rule of this forum for every new member to properly introduce themselves, so please tell us about yourself and any experience you have in magick.

How old are you?

Where do you hail from?

Do you have any practical experience in magical systems and methodologies, or are your experiences all spontaneous and intuitive?

If so, what do you practice and how long have you practiced it?

PS: I have moved this thread to the proper section so you do not have to make a separate intro.

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Hello I’m a new bee but old sloe kinda gal I was born with power I hate it so I ignore it but it seems to be catching up with me now that I’m 33… The older I get the more intense it gets so i dony habe to do anything to keep it going it just happens i try to live a pretty normal life …i love on the east coast …spontaneous and intuitive is mee meee my hole life in usily right
My gut is the best form of radar well as far as practice I dont have to I’m Greek … So my blood runs so deep it runs for generation’s… I’m just me

So no experience at all with magical systems or methodologies? Okay.

You say you’re on the East Coast. The East Coast of what, exactly? The US? Canada? Antarctica?

What brings you here to the forum?

I wanted to be with likeminded people I guess …east coast de md pa


Nope no experience just with what I wad born with

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I have no idea what that is.

I’m guessing delware, maryland, Pennsylvania but I could be wrong.


So…the East Coast of the US? Got it. Thanks, princess.

Why not just say that though? :thinking:

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Coz imcomplex maybe I like to make people think maybe Idno

Yeppers :heart:

More likely it’s because you don’t write very clearly, your other thread being a case in point :man_shrugging:

Welcome to the forum.

Im not good with English …so my bad I jist thought maybe i could receve advice here anf there on thinhs and not be judged … I mean no harm in my spellinh I have a visibility that causes me to have spelling problems and see ygings bavkwprds so that does not help I’m really just comming in here coz i feel its the right placr to be so

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Everything happens for reasons

It’s ok. Welcome to the forum.

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Thank you I like it so far :slight_smile:

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