Well hello there

Hello! I’m Shane though I often go by Bercus, I’m primarily a energy worker (psionics) though I do often dabble elsewhere when it calls for it. I am also a experienced scanner and because of such always willing to scan those who ask.

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Welcome to the forum.

Welcome @Bercus

How long have you paracticed?

What systems or methods of magick outside of psuonics do you have experience in?

Well, I originally started in 2011 but I did take a break for a few years. Currently I delve into invocation/evocation on occasion, sometimes chaos magick as well.

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@Bercus your thread offering scans was removed because it is in violation of the rules of this forum. As a newcomer you cannot offer any sort of readings/scans until you have been an active contributor for at least 90 days.

Please take a moment to read them:

The ONLY exception is participation in the power sensing thread, where newcomers can exchange scans.

Thanks for letting me know, I didn’t know of this rule. :slight_smile: Posting about giving them on the thread that allows newcomers to.

Just stay in the power sensing thread. If you attempt to go to PM you will again be in violation and will face the possibility of your account being suspended.

Welcome @Bercus :blush:

Welcome @Bercus.

May you be blessed.

Welcome to the forum! You’re gonna have a blast!