Well hello I'm new here and I need help learning

I’m new in this website, and I think I should ask for help in learning some stuff.

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Hi welcome, usually they ask you to share your experiences with magic etc

@Raven_6 Thank you, yup that’s what we usually ask :joy::joy:
@Mar, as Raven has mentioned, your post doesn’t qualify for a proper introduction. Please share some more info about yourself and then ask your questions. You are kindly requested to edit your post or reply to your topic telling us a bit more about:

  • your experience in magick
  • how long you’ve been in the craft
  • what areas of magick you practise
  • your success if you had any
  • your name (optional)
  • where you live (optional)
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I am getting in the swing of things now :rofl:

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OK I will try @Mystic-Void
1 I’m pretty new, just started getting in deeper things
2 Not too long if I got this one right
3 I didn’t get this one
4 not yet I am a little new in these things so maybe not
5 Marijus
6 Lithuania (Europe, baltic countries)

You’re just brand new to things which is so exciting! This is such a great resource for learning. If theres anything you want to know about or learn type it into the search box and see what comes up and if theres nothing there just start a thread with your question and you should get plenty of help.

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Well I’m experimenting now, but new Information would help me, I can’t find good Information about Asmodeous, BTW I’m meditating a lot in my ways. What could you recommend me? Trying something, what to read there to start?

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Meditating is good, visualizing, energy work. Id suggest start reading about the different demons just to.get to know them a bit if you are interested in that. Watch EA Koetting on YouTube, would also advise looking at his books, for Asmodeus check in the search box here im imagining you’ll find some info on him. But def meditation energy work and visualization are v good for beginning before even anythimg else.

@Raven_6 Im probably go read lesser key of Solomon for some time.

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Welcome to the forum.