Welcome the weirdos

My Personal rule, i never leave home completly unarmed and my personal “safety” off. I dont go looking for trouble and drama. But it doesnt mean it hasnt come lookin for me before, and i got better things to do then recover from bullshit drama at this point.

Example, i am not above imminent castration to resolve a fight if they wanna scrap and i make this very clear lmao. :slight_smile: i dont have time for it.


Imminent castration!:+1: kudos. And i say this as a man.

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As a kid I would talk to ghosts and stuff and occasionally I would make these crazy predictions that would come true or just know things that I shouldn’t know.


I’ve really got to learn martial arts…I’m very small. I have only fought partners but they weren’t trying to kill me or rape me. They were mostly just trying to restrain me lol. I’m scrappy. I am quick and have very long nails, and they DO have many scars… but it might not be enough if I was in real danger.

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I was so angry one day I ripped the hot water knob out of the bathtub…water was just shooting out into the tub…

My brother in law was like…damn how mad are you?lol


Well luckily plenty of places to learn in austin

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ahahaha I feel you. That sounds really satisfying. I may have had rage “issues” in the past :grimacing: It’s been more than a year since I tried to attack anyone… physically.


Martial arts is good. I learned shotokan which some of its katas are now drunken boxing. I learned kenpo which is defensive not going beyond white belt. And muay thai. I would like to learn more like bjj

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Oh gosh we’re do I even start?

  • I would have entire conversations with pictures (I still do this sometimes)

  • my handwriting is usually in cursive but I tend to mix and match between cursive and print since I was 12.

  • I had a special rock for smashing and cutting backyard herbs (R.I.P…)

  • I can write backwards if I try.

  • I’m the quietest person in the family and the one who will scare people by “suddenly” being behind them.

  • I don’t use templates when I cut paper to create stuff. Everyone thinks that I do.

  • I collect tags from cool shit.

  • After someone else finishes setting the table I rearrange everything so the napkin and knife are on my left, my spoon and fork are on my right and my glass is on the far right and any extra dishes are on the far left, and of course the main plate is in the middle. I can’t stand a table set any other way.

  • I like exponential growth and decay so much it’s how I do tasks that can be tracked by numeric values. I also like sequences and do tasks that way as well.

  • I don’t mind hanging art on the ceiling

  • I chew edibles that hurt the teeth of other people (ice, Jolly Rangers, cough drops, candy canes…)