Welcome the weirdos

Just thought id start a thread explaining everyones weirdness. Ill start when i was a kid i used to collect little snakes and lizards and watch them in hopes of fighting to the death. Also when i was growing up i was a social outcast being that ever so lovely complement " weirdo" rang in my ears


I grew up way out in the country . We actually had a pony and cart so we would pretend to be little house on the prairie. Or I would pretend I was in the circus with my pony.

I spent most of my time in the woods. I thought everything was magick and talked to the trees alot…who knows maybe I was speaking to the Ents.

But I was labeled weird because I wouldn’t talk. I was quiet in school people thought I was stuck up. But I was just really quiet.


I had a time in my life. When i was young that i thought i could control the weather so.
I was out on a 40 acre farm i walked out to the feild just by the fence and threw my arms like merlin and his wand. Laughing maniacally as a child every time a lightning bolt with strike in sync with me “making it happen”


Hey you might have. I wanted to warm a little so I used my chakra technique and has some sunny days here. But now it’s getting cold again.

Yes i might have.

Can you elaborate on the ents?

Oh lord of the rings. The ents were trees that could move around speak. Tree hoarders I think they were called. If I remember right they were like tree guardians.

It is a type of nature spirit. Depending on your views it includes all tree spirits. If you use any kind of “sight” or aura meditations on tree you can actually see the circuits of energy that flow between them like fountains of light flowing up from the ground and outs from the branches.


Thanks! I like your definition better! :kissing_heart:

Your welcome. A good mediation you can try if you live near forests is to go on a hike in search of the oldest tree, letting your intuition guide you. Meditate under it focusing on connecting with the forest and asking for its blessings and wisdom.


I know the feeling. I was a bookworm and into science, not a good mix in there so called “normal” minds.


I actually at one point during my high school years said i dislike normal. To whit another kid replied “im normal” and i gave him a insult which i felt bad for now because social conditioning taught me to misunderstand other peoples feelings

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Oh you jist made my inner nerd child so happy. I love lord of the rings


I do too!! :heart:

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I never took to “social conditioning”. I’ve always told it like it is or said nothing at all when dealing completely closed minded people.

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I spent my whole childhood wide-eyed, trying to figure out how to be human, how to know what to do/say, and how everyone else knew how to do it. I was always 1 step behind but I observed everything, every gesture, every nuance, every interaction, and pieced it all together like a child savant psychoanalyst. I stayed like this until recently. Now I know enough, and have been enough different people to feel comfortable creating a “me”. Plus, as it turns out, psychoanalysis borders on intellectual psychic abilities and a mastery of manipulation.

When I was small I tamed wild cats (I can communicate with them), and I also though I controlled the weather - the wind to be precise.


I remember as a kid I went to visit some people with my dad and they had a bull dog I was sitting on the floor and reached out slowly to pet her. Both owners were holding their breath and saying becareful she’s vicious. But she let me pet her and never showed any signs both owners acted shocked that she let me pet her. But I always thought they exaggeraged it and just wanted to scared me. I never believed she was vicious. Then one day I was there when an insurance salesman came to the door. I literally feared for that man’s life.
Idk why she never ever tried to attack me. Never from day one. She was always the sweetest thing.


This was actually shown and alluded to in the Avatar movie.


And i can tell you from experience it works lol first time i had the idea was soon after thw movie final fantasy the spirit within connected some dots for me. And i took my meditations to the woods lol.

Ahhh “The woods”, I wonder what that’s like…
Can’t wait to find out. I’m too scared of rapists to do magick in a desert cave.