Welcome Azazel

Greetings dear occult witches and wizards,

My name is Kevin from north Carolina I am glad to be a part of your community .

I have always been interested in spirituality and during my growth of knowledge i discovered that the occult was always a part of it, unfortunately nowadays people see it as something different.

I think learning the occult is just another angle to strengthen and develop a human being and we should not make it obsolete or block it.

I first was interested in Hinduism and meditation , my first shift into the occult was when i discovered Wiccan writings but found it hard to practice as i am not a part of a coven and wiccan magick needs a group to channel the energy, i also was not comfortable with the idea.

I only discovered Baneful Magick recently and was astonished by how simple it is ,but as i am always cautious i would need a deep study before i start practicing.

It would also be my pleasure to share my thoughts and experiences with this community.

Thank you for your welcome.


There is plenty of wiccan magick for the solitary practitioner if you don’t have patience for pretentious high priestesses who love to give titles to themselves for no reason

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Welcome to the forum!

Thank you Magus, it would be interesting, as the idea of submitting myself to someone else in a ritual always sounded creepy to me.

If you need help on anything else i would be happy to share.

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There are group rituals that are more colaborative and not that much about obedience, anyway, you can always execute the proceedures with the spirits that work with you if you need an extra hand

Thank you for doing an introduction as requested.

How long have you been practiceing? From what I understand from your description, you are a beginner, correct?

Welcome aboard.

Very laudable way in to magick! I am here for any support you need.