[Weirdness Overdose] I met an Ancient Goddess in a dream; sadly, I can't contact her now :/

Hello, I’d like to share with you all an interesting experience I had in a dream. It’s a strange, wild one, so bear with me as you read.

Usually, my dreams are pretty chaotic, and (seemingly) nonsensical. But, sometimes, I have dreams which are very coherent, storydriven, almost as if I had suddenly entered a movie, and became one of the characters.

This dream was like the latter.

It began in my hometown during night time, I was on a basketball field where I pretty much always hung out with my friends. The setting, however, wasn’t quite the same. Behind the basketball field, there was a large hill on which there was some strange machinery. Something you’d probably see in a SCI-FI game or a movie. Anyway, I was playing a game with my friends on the field, a complex game. Although the rules were explained to me in the dream, and they made sense, I can’t remember them now. Basically it revolving around positioning various objects (cards, stones, etc) in a correct order, and once you do that, you’ll manifest something. My friends manifested some fun stuff they wanted. I manifested a rocket launcher. Soon after, I shot a rocket at the biggest machine on the top of the hill.

It was then that chaos and mayhem began.

The machine, looking something like a mech with cannons and rocket launchers of its own, started heading our way, firing at us! Everything was annihilated, yet I managed to escape. I fled the town, but the machine kept coming for me. It wasn’t firing at me from the distance, even though I could see it from afar.

As I was running frantically I stumbled upon some little people, who asked me what was wrong. After I had told them, the pointed me to…and this is where it gets weirder, a Goddess.

Her name began with A, and it ended with A, at least according to the pronounciation. She was a water Goddess who was really powerful.

The little people gave me directions to her shrine, and I immediately started going there. The entrance to the shine-area was spiral-like; there was water everywhere, and the wind was howling, stronger and stronger as I approached the shrine.

The shrine itself was blue, in shape of a mermaid, from what I remember. I had to climb up the shrine (I had to climb onto the shoulder), despite the water and wind hitting me. Somehow I managed to do just that, and I suddenly found myself in a very cozy, Middle-Eastern-like building. There I was greeted by a very beautiful woman, with dark hair.

It was her, the Goddess.

She was flirty at first, but then got serious when I told her what was wrong. She agreed to help me. From this point on the story progresses to infiltirating the creators of that machine that chased me - these creators were working on some sort of genetic manipulation (they turned themselves into dark-purple, hornless satyrs) and building machines for world domination. It’s too much, really, so I won’t be going into details.

The main point, however, was that throughout the madness, the Goddess was very protective of me, and was always willing to help me. I don’t know her exact name, but I have my suspicions.

Here’s the kicker, though: I can’t contact her because of my pact with Belial.


Thanks for reading.


tl;dr: In a dream, doomsday device on its way to destroy everything, met a Goddess who was willing to help me fight it.


mermaid Amphitrite.wife of Poseidon?


It could be an entity that’s connected to her, connected to the same force as her, that is. But, I don’t think it’s Amphitrite, because of the pronunciation and the attributes.

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Arianna?? :wink:


Check out the goddess Atargatis

If that was you, the please identify yourself to the general public so that the existence of mermaids can be confirmed.

@kiss-lamia-lilith Funny you should mention that name, because I suspect that it’s Asherah, which is another interpretation of Atargatis. Asherah also seems to match the pronunciation I heard in my dream.


Yeah its complicated as a similar assimilation of goddesses occured with the Lilith assimilation. Asherah is in there along with anat, astarte & quadeshtu lol


Indeed, but I guess I can’t blame them. I like to make parallels (and sometimes assimilation, when given the opportunity). It’s fun.

I still find it rather interesting how this entity contacted me; I’ve never heard about her until I found information about her after I woke up. I just typed “mermaid goddess” and ended up finding Asherah.

…Shame she’ll have to wait for 3 months for my response, due to my pact. :smiley:


Asherah :slight_smile:


I think the reason you cannot find her is because:

  1. You are looking in the wrong places. Instantly you associated her to all these others Gods.
  2. You are not meant to find her. Rather, she will find you if she wants to.
  3. You finding her was only allowed, because seeing and knowing her leads to something else.

Lemme know if I found your Mech =)


  1. very possible

but I think the reason he cant find her right now is because of a pact he is in with Belial.
unless I miss understood his posts.

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or maybe because his pact with Belial was meant to lead him to her and something much like her? I get this feeling he is Misinterpreting the Relationship and attempting to capture and hold the entity of the experience in a Static Position (how he wants to relate to it as) even though it may not be the entities intent in showing itself to him in the first place.

So a higher source gave me some information. The meeting with her and the Pact with Belial are interrelated. I would highly advice to trust information that comes from “The Highest Source,” as you will get many dreams/symbols and other experiences that confuse you, where you will then project your own interpretation onto them or others Projections and then it will completely confuse the issue. Ontop of that you will have imposter spirits and others who will try to jump in and confuse the issue. I was told that the only way to the truth is to receive information from “The Highest Source.” Most everything else will be false and in collusion with such Source Information you will at the very least be able to use your own Intuition to achieve Personal Gnosis and follow the Path Not Written in a Book.


possible. i cant figure out why a pact with Belial would hinder reaching out to this goddess. but i dont know the terms of the pact.


It’s the term of the pact, yes. I cannot share too much information. Sorry :\



still Arianna

Still Arianna

Arianna, can make it rain :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::zap::umbrella:


It all makes sense now!


@Baal: oh I forgot to mention. The picture of the name of that Mech in the game I played is called “The Baal Mech.” coincidence lol.


So I thought about your dream last night and another idea came to my mind. Keep in mind it isn’t just my own mind as spirits of all types communicate with me of their own intention. Basically what one said the relationship between the two was:

The Dream was like a warning that through your own ignorant actions The Goddess was trying to prevent you from making a terrible mistake that would cause some sort of War. It was pretty blatant in the dream. You Fired upon something and pissed it off so it went after you. So the dream was basically like a warning of what NOT TO DO.


Google and Wikipedia are wonderful things, and here are all the Water Goddesses who’s name begins and ends with an ‘a’ sound.

Asherah from Mesopotamian Mythology

Anahita from Persian Mythology

Atabey from Taino Mythology

Acionna from Gaulish Mythology

Amathaunta is another one from Mesopotamian Mythology but next to nothing is known about her.


Yeah it could be. Although the second half of the dream was us trying to put an end to a war. Hm, yes, your interpretation makes a lot of sense.


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