Just woke up I passed out as soon as I got in around 10pm. Reason being is cause I expended a massive amount of energy unexpectedly popping out of my body while walking home.

Fuckin freaky but exciting at the same time. Since I worked all weekend I had a late St Patrick’s Day dinner yesterday with my grandmother in honor of my Pops/grandfather and it was a really good night. The beginning of the day was pretty good too. I say goodnight and start heading home. 15 minutes into listening to Boombox Cartel and their song “Alamo” comes on and I get lost in the beat I’m in eargasm heaven walking over a bridge. I start feeling tingles, swirling heat, love and sexual vibrations all over inside my body and I mentally disappear in the music. The bass drops and BOOM!!! I’m a good 15-20ft out of my body. I looked diagonally down and my body is just strolling along bopping it’s head to the music but it was heading straight into an intersection off a highway and I freaked out and the moment I panicked I slammed right back in. Slamming back in was so fuckin disorienting I almost collapsed but got my bearing back. By the time I got home I was done I literally felt the energy just bleed out my feet and spine after sitting on the couch.

I had obe’s almost every day as a kid and teen developing myself magically BUT never like what I experienced tonight. I’m so gonna try and replicate that shit it felt amazing…just not near intersections lol


This was awesome to read I need to get back into OBE’s and soul travel