(weird?) wishes, ideas, dreams -definitly random, or isn't it?

How i wanna live like. Who i wanna become.
“I want to sleep in the beds of strangers, loving them without me asking.
I wanna devour their innosence and desolve their shame.
If they dare to resist, they shall become a special play thing, or i will devour their minds,
and turn them into beautiful puppets of my eternal game.”

“I wanna walk over their roofs and make breakfast under the sun of the early morning.”

“All that should between me and any kind of goods, all that it takes to make it myne, shall be the will to take it.”

“I wanna be playful and without shame, doing what you might call “good” or “evil”, with some kind of grin.”

“I wann a create and destroy. I wanna speak truth and lie. I wanna give and take.”

“I want to cuddle with the sheep, but also ripping them apart, like the wolf i am.”

“I wanna hug and i wanna stab. I wanna wear a long coat, with the style of a lumberjack.”

“All secrets shall be just a thought away, and all hidden treasures shall be my depot.”

“I wanna sleep between wolfes, but i also wanna hunt them, showing them who is even the greater predator.”

“I wanna spit fire, controll light and shadow, wanna be always surrounded by seducing smelling, red fog.”

“And as my long, long coat is waving in the wind, i shall face the storm with winds, kind.”

“My hair shall vary in length and colour, being once a waving, living shadow and another time, a golden,fiery or bleeding mane.”

“I shall bring evil and good, perversion and enlightenment, death and life into the world. Pain and ecstasy, sorrow and joy, love and hate”.

Black, waving over-god of desire.

“All bounds shall be a matter of choice and will by me, never a imposed restriction”

“I wanna become eternal, because the universe experienced in our time may live for around 311. years, but desire lives forever.”

“I wanna bow before tiamat, and taste her being, as my teeth bite in her embodyment, and my black seed gets lost in her womb.”

“Those who i love, will i gift with my presence, from bed of birth until the cold crave”

“Insane, nevery satiated, will i rip and close holes in the realities, to see and learn what i couldn’t learn in this realm.”

“I wanna be, a monstrous over-god, because i shall be above those beings, who ware once servants of the first magicians. And the matter i touch, shall be honored or frightened by my presence. For my chosen sacrifice, to take such a reduced form. My touch shall bring joy and health, or misery and death.”

“I wanna fight nations, all alone. Genocide and highest cruelty. And after i got satiated for the time, i will use their blood and life for new creation.”

“My teeth and claws shall know all ways to cut and butcher, and my tongue shall know all ways of pleasure. My hands, when the claws are gone, shall be the most satisfying touch every known.”

“Cause i do and will grew insane, i’ll be able to make my words flow elegently, like a swan.
For my quests, i’ll be calm and tame. I’ll speak riddles and truth, and maybe, sometime, we will meet on the top of the roof”

“All your ‘control’ that you have over me, shall be a choice of myne, because i wanna expierence everything of the divine, and i got all the time.”

“I shall appear in any form i wish. As man, woman and everything in between. Shadow, animals, fog and what else i would choose.”


There shouldn’t be something that i couldn’t want, couldn’t think, couldn’t get, couldn’t fight for.


:flushed: …someone even liked what i wrote?? Craaazyyy :scream:

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