Weird thing that happened to me last night

Yesterday, 2 hours before I went to sleep I called on King Belial to help me with something (23:00 PM). I used penny divination to communicate with him and it went great. After that I closed the ritual and thanked him for coming.

01:00 AM

Right after I laid on bed I felt a slight breeze on my left foot, as if someone electrified it. I didn’t put any thought into it as it was a long day and it may have been related to me being tired.

30 minutes in I started falling asleep, suddenly I felt like my whole body got electrified and as I opened my eyes I was only seeing my walls in weird shapes, the room was lighter than usual during the night and I couldn’t move, only my eyes.

I thought I was lucid dreaming and I tried imagining King Belial, it didn’t work so I tried imagining anything that I could’ve possibly created with my mind and put into my room, it didn’t work. So at that moment I was sure that I wasn’t lucid dreaming so I tried astral projecting, it also didn’t work.(I’m neither experienced with astral projecting and neither with lucid dreaming, I thought it was my day)

I tried closing my eyes and as soon as I closed them they hurt like crazy. I tried standing up and it worked so I went to sleep again. This was at 01:30 AM in the night.

TL;DR : Feeling of being electrified while sleeping, completely waking me up in the same day as I did a ritual for King Belial.

Any thoughts and what this could possibly mean? Was it a sign from King Belial that he got my message?
If you require more information about what I did during the ritual I can provide it to you, I’m curious about this since it never happened to me before.


:rofl: lol idk what to say… he does that sometimes! Idk why but might just be a sign that he heard u and wanted to mess around? See how you react?

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So far he was the best on manifesting himself than other spirits that I worked with.

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What was the context of the communication? Did you ask for help developing senses or anything?


I wrote a petition for him to change a person’s limits, emotions and beliefs.


Also, to add to this the first thing that got into my mind after that happened was King Belial.

Something tells me you are dealing with another spirit acting and answering as he would. I would contact the spirit and ask them to apoear in your dreams. Just to be sure.

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Asked Gremory if she can show herself in my dreams through penny divination and i got 2 heads and 2 tails, I’ve been sleeping with Gremory’s sigil under my pillow for a week and nothing happened, the energy that I felt was sure Belial’s, could be another spirit though.

Well! Once I was trying to sleep and felt like water is filling the room! It reached my neck and I saw it! What I said was “Belial please am scared to drown” it stopped and I went to a dream like state where someone came to me and gave me a hug! He was wearing white… :rofl:

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Ask belial to emter your dream state. If neither of them show i would recommend doing a clensing right away.

Angelic or godly?

Idk just normal white robe

I contacted Belial yesterday, I don’t really want to bother him today again, I would wait for the night and see if something happens, and I’ll update on this.

Ah ok

If something happens, would you recommend me a good cleansing way? Just in case if I need it sometime to have it prepared.

You dont really habe to speak to him spirits can read minda why not think it instead. Just a thought but i understand giving them space.

I see better results everytime I let the spirits do their work and not bother them with a ritual everyday, as I said I will wait this night, see what happens, and update everyone on this after I wake up. :grinning:

I understand fully thanks for sharing

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I don’t know if Belial is the right spirit to try to bend other people’s free will and break their limits.
He’s great at legal stuff and fairness, and saving you from overbearing authority, but not super interested if you’re the one being overbearing and authoritarian.
He might happily decide you need your energy balanced to accommodate, which would explain the electric tingles.

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Just woke up, I was dreaming about the number 530, other than that, nothing special happened.

Looked into the number, and that is what came up. 530