Weird thing happened last night when I passed out around 3am after lucifer ritual

so I had a weird experience that would usually have of terrified me but instead I was just very pissed off. what happened was i went to sleep at like 310 am after doing a ritual calling on lucifer. I then have a being leaning over me either forcing something into or out of my mouth with it’s right arm going in my mouth (or out). I was lying in bed and it was dark so I believe I was in the astral as it was not an actual dream. I tried pushing it away once I was aware of what was happening i only noticed it lasting for a couple seconds (but it could of been longer idk). Anyways I then was back in my body and awake and satvyo turned the light on and was pissed but not scared at all. not even slightly. this has never happened to me on general (that situation or not being scared by it)
my big question here is has this happened to any of you? this actual incident not so much not being afraid? Any thoughts on what thst entity was doing to me? trying to either put something in me or taje something out? what coukd it be?

I know many of you will probably say do some divination or ask the spirits but i cannot heae them on demand or see them. I have no real divination skills either. any thoughts on this guys and gals? od perfer if only people that actually knew what they were talking about or who had similar experiences would answer these questions. I don’t want a completely fresh occultist or newbie in this field telling me what they think happened or is happening. thank you :wink:


It hasn’t happened to me. But I have heard from people here, that wierd things happen while you have Lucifer’s energy around you. I don’t know if they’re wierd in a good way or not though.

Anyway, it could be that something was trying to force your soul out of your body. My guess is because he wanted to help you.

For example, once, I summoned Thoth and asked him to help me. The same night (1-2 hours later), once I went to sleep, he tried to pull me out of my body, though I ended up saying that I wasn’t ready yet. It was a good test but that’s not the point.

Perhaps, the same thing happened to you.


that could have been it I didn’t even think about that. I’ve been asking for help to AP since ive had complications after being successful at it.(it’s weird). but yea that would be cool if that was it but again I have no idea


it wasn’t sexual was it…

nope not at all

If you have some type of injury or damage in an area, spirits will enter that area to heal it faster.

A constipated shit will feel like sodomy demons are violating you.

Too much sex and you will feel them touching you.

Just let it happen, they won’t hurt you.
They are there to heal you.

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it was just the weirdest shit you know? I go to sleep and not even half hour later I wake up to that happening. it might of actually been exactly when i fell asleep that this started happening so maybe it was trying to rip me out of my body to help idk. ita just it was suprising and I got angry bc I didn’t know what the hell was happening! all I could see was its arm going in and out of my face/mouth and half of its body for maybe 1-2seconds max. then I was back in my body because I panicked. not as in a terrified way (like I probably usually would be) but an angry and pissed off way. I woke up pissed looked at my phone and 20 mins passed i was like what the fuck is going on!. I was left alone for the rest of the night. well at least I think I was haha.

i just really want to know what the hell it was doing to me that’s all you know? if i had a little heads up on what was going to happen i wouldn’t of responded the way I did

Keep on the path and the shit just gets weirder. Trust me.


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ohhhh I bet it does. I just want the weirdness to come with success and knowledge. not insanity lol. I’m a mentally stable person but i think the more I get into this the more I will be asking myself if i am crazy. but i guess if you think your crazy then that means your sane but what the hell do i know. lol

Insanity is a big problem - on either path. I’ve seen and experienced some really bad shit. That stuff comes with the course. Be careful.

Marcelo Motto made similar comments of himself in court. That said, no matter how insane I become I couldn’t possible fall as low as the ignorant, intellectually stunted and spiritually aborted masses.

I am a Magician who has interacted with spiritual entities and as most ‘people’ aren’t and haven’t, therefore I’m deluded. Comes from counting heads and not what’s in them.


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Might be a sign you are one with :heart: Lucifer :heart: . On the other hand i think you should discover what persons did you meet that day or one before and remember if someone gave you a gift or invited you to eat or drink something. Might have been someone who is good in astral Vampire. In order that Vampire magic function they need to “Touch” you.

Lol yeah I actually forgot about this experience until I reread this post thanks to your comment. Yea that was some weird shit. I still don’t know what that was all about. I took a break from everything for a while and fell back into bad habits. Anyways I’m back into it now and moving forward