Weird theory

Hello, I have a very weird theory that came to me in the meditative, calm and open state, publish here because I do not know if it is verifiable and I would not publish in any of my two books for the same thing… I did not want to misinform anybody lol.
Will it be that the Judeo-Christian “god” is an egregor?".
I don’t know, for example I don’t believe in something that created the universe in spiritual terms (to clarify) but maybe people who believe in that… can connect with that egregor?.. some religious people don’t take the weight of spirituality and may be invoking a fake spirit that is acting as if he was its god or some saint…Something curious: when I wanted to explain this to someone (my mom) the explanation came out fluent and I had never thought about this before… didn’t even know it was the term too.

All the gods have their own lore, it’s like videogame lore, but the stories being not literal truth doesn’t invalidate the forces behind them nor the results of working with them. When it comes to these discussions, some people will tell you that all spirits are egregores, other will tell you that everything is fake because of its inmateriality, others will tell you that everything is a play directed by your Higher Self, and others will tell you that there are universes of whatever mythology and pop culture stuff mankind has ever conceived, or that the forces are using the masks to interact with us, and so on