Weird Target reaction

Just to vent a bit and ask for your opinion about this.

I have been doing the layered love spell with various spirits for some days now. I really feel like i should continue until seeing results.
Belial for mind blocks, Asmodeus for her to.breakup, sallos and rosier for love and today i added zepar
Pendulum said that dantalion, Astaroth, andras and ladilok won’t help me here.

Anyway I did the spell evocation and about an hour later she posted a picture on her FB profile.

It is a couple and the guy is asking “why do i love you so much?”
Next panel she rembers the spellcraft she did on him…Voodoo dool and cauldron saying “you are mine you bastard”.

Of course i think she posted this thinking about the guy she is with. But then again… Could have been a reaction of her?