Weird Stuff BEFORE the Ritual?

So I’ve been doing a nightly ritual that’s related to my super secret project and weird shit has been happening before I’ve even done anything. I’ve seen stuff move around, tapping on my door, actual mist and an actual entity that looked like an old man in a coat (If it helps at all, Odin has started helping me with this project, though I’m not certain it was him).

Has anyone else experienced weird shit happening to you before you start any rituals? Maybe not like mine, but still weird? Is it a sign of manifestation?

It’s not unheard of:

Also, I personally believe that the view of linear time / cause :arrow_right: effect is restrictive. The future can affect the present and the past, just as much as the past and present can affect the future.

Me, I’ve not necessarily had a huge occurrence of results appearing before a ritual, but I have had the distinct feeling that I’ve been affected in the past by things I did in the future, when I line up all the pieces.


Same, very much so. :thinking:


A few weeks ago I was talking about this very same topic – retrocausality – with an online friend (not on BALG, but we have the Law of Assumption/Belief/Consciousness in common and often compare notes). In a certain headspace it makes perfect sense that your past-self is influenced by your future-self, but we’re so used to linear time and cause —> effect that it’s difficult to really hold on to this paradigm for extended periods. (Also, side note, this reminds me a lot of the “why time flows but space is” article you posted way back when, which strongly influenced my perception of “reality” :thinking: ).

I do strongly believe that a practitioner dismantling their concept of time as linear, or past --> present --> future causative, is exceptionally powerful, and opens the way for new avenues of possibility and outcome.

Even many modern/postmodern grimoires, or the ones I’ve read at least, seem to imply as fact that we’re simply born into one lifetime, our circumstances are set by our past, but through magic we change “the future” to our liking.

…Probably because it’s too difficult to explain why breaking out of a linear model of time is beneficial, while also maintaining any credibility as sane and stable. :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been reading Dean Radin’s Real Magic, which is a scientific/research & data-backed analysis of “psi” phenomena. I bookmarked a page today where he mentioned an experiment in retrocausality. I find it oddly comforting and buoyant to my mood to read about scientifically methodical approaches to magick.

Does indeed sound like magic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Fascinating, thanks!

There’s an episode of Dr Who spinoff Torchwood (Ghost Machine) where an alien machine navigates through time using points of intense emotional experience, and I think, or would even go so far as to say I know, that many a true and deep concept has been happened across by the open mind of a fiction writer… :thinking:


indeed! and being humans gifted with consciousness beyond our bodily senses, we have the capacity to create future points of intense emotional experience, via imagination. or at least, this is the way i see it.

there was a while where i felt that my consciousness and/or sense of self was so strongly anchored in the future that i could hardly take my day-to-day life seriously at all. and to an extent i still feel this way. :thinking: it sounds insane, but i’m finding it hugely beneficial.

like the way the tragedy of the Titanic was predicted by a fictional novel published 14 years before the fact? Or perhaps how the writers of The Simpsons seem to eerily predict future events? :stuck_out_tongue: It’s fascinating stuff.


great post


So in other words, magicians can manipulate causality? :thinking:

Rather I’d say that causality is not as black and white, or as linear, as it appears to be. Not so much that we can intentionally manipulate causality outside of the laws of nature, but rather that the laws of nature intrinsically allow for retrocausality or effect➡️cause.

If I find out a foolproof method of time manipulation I’ll be certainly exploiting it. Though I think it’s more the concept itself that should be explored and adopted, because it opens you up to new ways of thinking that are helpful for one’s magical praxis.