Weird sigil ability

Hello, recently like within the last couple of months I randomly started doodling sigils everywhere, sometimes on my skin or in the ground, on paper, etc. At first I thought they were just doodles but I’ve found that sometimes when facing a problem or desiring something I’ll draw these sigils haphazardly and what ends up happening is my problem becomes fixed or I get what I desire. So far I’ve used the sigils on small things like creating a storm, summoning animals so I can take pictures of them, helping people to move on from painful memories and things like that. I guess my question is what exactly am I doing and why is it working? Am I somehow in contact with an occult being or is this just my charged up energy?

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Sounds a lot like you’re a Chaos Mage Natural to me!

Seriously I think you can benefit a lot by studying Chaos magic in general. I recommend Adam Blackthorne’s Chaos Magick book, Anything by Peter J. Carroll or Phil Hine, and if you’re into intellectual skepticism possibly Robert Anton Wilson.


Thank you very much I’ll give them all a read :slight_smile:

Hi you should post pictures of your sigils what it could be is a demonic angelic or godly entity which is sending energy from there conscious to yours which will end up giving these sigils powers I would keep a journal on which sigils do what it could be you have a ally in this world

I’ve started redrawing them in a notebook to help determine where they’re based, and I will definitely send pictures once I figure out how to lmao. I also just joined the forum yesterday so I may be unable to send pictures currently.