Weird sight

So For some time now if I gaze in front of me, not looking at any object, but looking at space, If I stare long enough I can see little golden balls swirling around, they are really tiny but there are a lot of them. Specially if I gaze at the sky I can see it more easily. Anyone know what this is? Or is it just my imagination?

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I see them when I go near ley lines. They are ambient energy of Gaia.

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What are ley lines? And what is ambient energy? What is it for? And if I keep gazing at it will my vision get messed up?

Ley lines are like lines of energy that travel around the earth, immense power comes through them. They feel like the earth is evolving into a better form, lol. But yeah, try doing it in different places, like VASTLY different, miles away. If you can still see them, it’s not the ley lines.

The energies of this world are tied to form, and structure. Anything that is, and some things that really aren’t formed, has energy. Air is formed, has energy. The location that you are in is like a canvas for the life energy, thoughts, emotions and ideas of people, and their struggles. That’s what often makes up the energy of a crowded space. When you’re talking about the energy of a space, we call it ambient energy, ambient means elating to the immediate surroundings of something, so if your immediate surroundings are showing these orbs, which I do not think they are, this is called ambient energy.

Ambient energy doesn’t usually fly around as golden orbs, from what I am aware of.

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If you have more questions, and are planning on staying fo a little longer, tell me to DM you and I’ll answer them

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DM me please, thank you

ambient energy which is basically just ‘earth’ energy in our case, it’s all around us, every nook and cranny. Ambient energy is the energy from the leylines/environment. The leylines take in the energy we give off, animals give off and even technology, it absorbs that energy meshes it all together and stripping away all previous programming and traits then releases said energy back into the world and we all re-absorb said energy.

It’s a repeating cycle/exchange between the life on this planet and the planet itself through the leylines. The ambient energy will differ from planet to planet, area to area, the ambient energy in one town will not be the same in another town on a subtle level, the ambient energy on earth will not be the same as the ambient energy of saturn or mars because the ambient energy is based on the life on said area/planet down to the smallest organism.

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