Weird shape shifting tricks

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The shapeshift trick

This method only works, for those who need it and desire their body to change, as its only a trick. It won’t work for everyone. However, it might also work for those who believe it will work and desire it, while using the phrase as a key release of tension.The shape shift trick is to use in thought and create from the energy, as thought forms what you want of the form you wanna be. Then as if a concept with use by thought direction and then state the command phrase to transform. On use of the phrase, breath slowly in and out when attempting the change. Focusing your mind on the form you want. As you do so, imagine and think of the change, feeling it happen. Feel free to use phrase words as a mantra thats repeated. There’s possibility to just will the change and have at what you will. If it works, there might be more hunger or form shifting right off.How this does that work, is that this uses the subconscious and this can work on the physical and astral plane. What can you do with it so far, is with a catch, that you gotta want to be the form. Need the form to be you. And, you can transform into the form you desire to become. You can successfully become other human forms. There’s no actual proof of other species. But, the trunk of the body is the harder to shift part as it resists more. So you really can’t become a dragon or mermaid, unless you have enough power to.If your a male trying to become female, you maybe no longer biologically male, no penis and having breasts and everything. What you gotta do to keep the male organ is to tell the subconscious to leave it there. Then it might shrink but it will be there, still and unobvious. You will know its not that hard sitting down to go to bathroom. But, after years it will be harder to regrow back. Literally after years of this trick the male body part is not that large anymore as it ‘shrinks’. Also, the voice will rise a bit in quality. If your female trying to become male, then your breasts shrink and your stomach enlarges itself a bit, there may be a growing male body part. Thats after a little while. Most definitely the voice tone will drop.There are words you can useas if a effort, if you are a shaper of effects to help fascilitate the effect:To cancel out the effort, of a shape shift use En. Pronounced [N], it can be used in front of the shaper word or by itself as you think of the effect. As in, Enezeim, pronounced [N-Ee-zee-imh] to cancel out the womanly shape.To make yaself a woman, state Ezeim stated as [Ee-zee-imh], the male man forming one is Bezeim pronounced [Bee-Zee-imh].Ezeem pronounced [Ee-zee-m] is the female girl forming one, Bezeem pronounced [Bee-Zee-m] is the boy form. For a grandfather or grandmother in essence, use a bel in front of the words. Or, use ezeep as for grandmother, ebzeep for grandfather. For causing your third eye to cause the change, is to use Ezium, pronounced [Ee-zie-um] for woman change, and Bezim, pronounced [Bee-zime] for man change.These words are with a ancient turkish word that came from the use of words with ‘eze’ pronounced [Ee-zehn]. As you can use b for boy and g for girl. There’s m for yourself. As in gezeem, for female. And its bezeem, for male form. Alternatively, there’s x for man and y for woman, making use of the chromosome pairings. Making Xezeem for woman form, pronounced [Xee-zee-m], and Yezeem for male form, pronounced [Yee-zee-m] or [Wee-zee-m]. In this action, your body goes through a girl or boy stage to preceed the adult stage. It may be noted, that some ancient languages usually have some similar derivitives. And most the magical phrases that are words in the ancient tongues are not in the dictionary, old latin was one of these magical languages, look for some old latin words, its harder to find them. These are taught mouth to mouth and heard, being remembered. So feel free to try the words out or make up your own! A bit of warning, you probably won’t get any result, or seem to. So try ty again until you get bored of this

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