Weird sexual entity question. How do I know who it is without developed astral senses?

So last night I laid down to meditate and while doing so within a couple mins I felt an entity on top of me and all around me arousing me it was very strong and literally felt like someone was on top of my riding me.

I didn’t like it because I didn’t know what is was. My guess is a succubus.

I asked who are you multiple times trying to get some type of answer but I cant see astrally at all and can only hear once in a while.

I did my own little personal banishing technique and then said something along the lines of if I do know you leave me alone. then it was gone.

A min later I said something like if you are Bune then I apologize and you can return. (Bune comes to me as a goddess/Duchess and I also heard Bune was a succubus from different sources

Then instantly it was back! So my question is how do you verify who an entity is without developed astral senses.

is it even possible to verify? I was always told entities can lie about who they are that is correct right?

Divination is here for this

ok ya I don’t have that skill set yet. Is that the only way?

Really, do some divination. Ask the Spirit, take 4 coins and 4 heads is a strong yes and the rest you already know…
Also you can check on tarot, there are good and real tarot programs, sites and apps on the internet, its not all, but they exist.

ok thanks

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