Weird Scratch On My Arm

So on occasion I get random scratches from entities. Normally they’re small in terms of width (as small as a needle and as wide as a human finger nail) and they’re usually from ghosts.

Tonight, however, I got a big scratch from something that might not be a ghost. I say this because the scratch itself looks strange; like three very sharp needles scraped themselves across my skin at the same time.

What’s even weirder is that I can’t even get a clear photo of this scratch. They all end up blurry.

This was the clearest photo I could get:

Something feels eerie about this one.

I’m wondering if anyone would know more about these sorts of scratches and what they mean? Should I be worried?

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That’s like a burn or branding from what I am seeing.

It really does look like that

does the mark burn?

Do a banishing ritual(s) for a few days to get rid of all the unwanted energies around you.


Definitely will do

Update: the burning has stopped and getting a clear photo is still blurry, but you can now see the scratches a bit more clearly.

Once again, this is the best photo I could get.

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It honestly looks better too.

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if you have already banished i would top it off with a spiritual bath for protection too, then protections around the home.

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Will do.

What do you think caused this?