Weird Meditation

So i decided to meditate and after a few mintues i felt this cold breeze around my body. Then i started to think about lucifer then i bursted out laughing for like no reason and i couldn’t stop for like 2 minutes then the cold breeze went away and i opened my eyes. Its super weird and honestly kind of creepy. What should i do? I dont think it was Lucifer because i’ve never evoked him at all so why would he just show up out of nowhere while i was meditating? Doesn’t make sense to me tbh.


I just get weird laughing spells sometimes not with meditating or anything but that’s about all. I would not think that would be Lucifer but i also literally joined this website earlier today and don’t have much prior experience so i wouldn’t listen to myself on this.

yes something happend very similar to me a couple of years ago. When i watching videos about demons , gods ect and for no reason i was feel so happy and burst out laughing. I tried to meditate again, but i felt that cold air around me again and began laughing and my dogs wouldn’t come near me for some reason. Now i don’t feel cold but rather warm while im writing this . Something weird is happening.

Tbh i have literally no experience with that stuff im more into vampires and love spells the whole summoning thing is something im just interested in not something im good at(even tho i wish i was) if i see someone that might know what their talking about i’ll tag them but thats about my best advice

Thank youuu :heart:

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Try that i really dont have any clue how to link so thats kinda the best i can do. Plez keep me updated because im curious im at work rn tho so i have to go (dont mind my texting language)

will do. again thank you for the help

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any luck? im guessing not since no one else said anything

@Lady_Eva @StrengthenedWarrior

if you were meditating with no enn chanting nor sigil gazing (of Lucifer enn and sigil) and you are a novice, then I highly doubt its Lucifer, I think its placebo stuff to be honest, the brain overthinking and whatnot


okay thanks