Weird marks on my hand 😳 are those familiar to anyone of you?

Guys, I noticed while I was showering that i got those unexplainable, red dots in my skin. My eyes fell on my left hand and I totally froze from this. I didn’t have them a few hours ago and I didn’t burn anywhere my hands or sth.
Could this be from a parasite??

I summoned Dantalion yesterday and King Paimon today, but I can’t believe they would cause something like this. Do those remind you anything, do you have any idea??
I’m soked !!!


I would first check out mudane causes before going into possible spiritual/magick related ones.

Those look like they’d be caused by something mudane…? Looks like a tiny scrape or something… with the red dots and your skin around it being inflamed. Maybe you hit your arm/hand against something and just didn’t know til now.

The other possibility is your hair follicles are inflamed/etc since that’s what those red dots probably are…


Yes sweetheart, I checked first and did a flashback with my mind what did I do the last hours but I was just typing in my laptop for a project in uni, and this mark wasn’t there!
I didn’t go or did anything in the house which could cause this :grimacing:
Maybe I could get advice from someone who knows how to scan


Not everything you do is going to be within your conscious memory…lol.

My opinion is that it’s a normal body reaction to a physical stimuli.

I doubt a bug bite though. Looks like alittle irritation.

The red dots are dried blood, and the redness of the skin shows irritation/inflammation.


I’m pretty sure those are spider bites. They leave small red dots and you can’t even feel them most of the time.

Those brown-ish spots probably got irritated, either from dirt or maybe from shower products.


Spider??! Yea seems like it but… Oh not anymore Lilith today :laughing:
But I’m so curious, it was just a spider? ( It never happened to me before) or it was something… else trying to tell me sth… It’s so strange

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I think your overthinking things. Spider/bug bites are amazingly common. Not every bite is Lilith. And if it was her, probably not a good thing lol

And also if you didn’t regonzie that this was a bite, then chances are you haven’t regonized other bites too. So it’s probably happened before.


Yea this was between serious and joke because of the previous threads we were commenting before. ( But you can’t show clearly your humor behind the words sometimes :relieved:)

I m thinking to post this in a scanning thread and see what it will come up !

Sure if your gonna post it to a scanning thread be sure to link this thread too.