Weird Islamic music on radio every morning

I’m going to make this question short and sweet.
I’ve been invoking King Paimon, Ipos and Lucifer in one week (do tell me if this is a bad idea for a beginner or not) and lately every time I wake up to an alarm, it’s been playing some sort of Islamic music that sounds eerily religious (I’m not too sure if it’s even Islamic, it sounds like it though). I usually snooze my alarm and when it rings again it makes the white noise like it usually does. I’ve even switched the radio channels twice to another channel but the next day it sometimes switches back to Islamic music, even my mum took notice of it and she asked me why I keep listening to Islamic music. I’m happy to answer any question, I’m just generally confused if I’m going crazy or it’s a work of the demon I invoked the previous night


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:woman_shrugging:t2: Ramadan started a week ago! Usually everything in our radio atleast switches to Islamic stuff… even the adds on my phone…


Another reason to stop listening radio


It’s probably the Adhan, or Muslim call to prayer. If you’re hearing some vocalization its the Muezzin.


I already did?

You wrote it in your description,it would be beyter if you would open a thread for it instead :slightly_smiling_face:

No, you didn’t. An introduction must be posted to the forum. Your profile doesn’t count.


Do you live in the middle-east?

It means the Muslims are gonna get you.

Sometimes synchronicities can be quriky shit with no meaning outside the fact it’s happening.

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