Weird experiment?

OK… last night I evoked Buer from the Goetia for the second time for the purpose of learning his secrets via dream… I then laid down in my sofa in the position I normally do for these workings and fell into trance after probably 20-25 minutes then next thing I realize I am still in trance, and I haven’t slept… I’m not sure how long I have been laying there, and I hear Buer talking, and he’s explaining everything… the thing is normally I don’t hear them speak that fluently, or fluidly… but as soon as I got up, I lost all he told me…

I’m wondering, I was way too deep in trance for most of what he told me to have any conscious awareness of it… and I have an impression that I was laying there for at least an hour, if not longer… so was he trying to imprint it directly on my psyche? a more subconscious influence?

Also I had a dream that night about destroying towers… a new level of understanding approaching soon?

In trance memories can fly away very fast, thats why they recomend a dream diary by the sude of the bed, yet… i dont use it

Thing is I lost it as soon as I moved… I’m not sure I was even supposed to remember it… I do have a dream diary by my bed lol