Weird Experience with Sargatanas

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Hello, all! So I evoked Sargatanas for the first time to try out an obsession request to build up towards a particularly hard target/establish a relationship. At first, things went normally- I lit a candle, chanted the enn, left the candle burning. My current target texted me almost immediately after hours of leaving me on seen, to my pleasure! A great start…that quickly went south. I laid down after getting off the phone with my friends and realized I had been interrupted during my evocation- I worried I had not given enough energy to the cause. So I laid down and continued to recite the enn, followed by explaining my purpose and plan. Suddenly, a horrible energy began to grip me. I mean, awful to the point I had to get up and shake my body as if fighting something off. I began picturing my target going too far, even stalking me or hurting me, I became extremely paranoid and afraid. I blew out the candle and began saying, “No harm shall come to me or my family. This request is only towards my target.” I turned on the lights, opened my window, and burned sandalwood- the feeling left me. Does anyone know what to make of this? Possibly how to prevent this from happening again?

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