Weird experience with a succubus? Maybe something else

So the other night I was like in a sleep paralysis but I could kind of move. I saw a male figure on top of me. I actually was able to move my arms and feel up his legs, and I felt the leg hair. He has the body of a muscular man but his face seemed imp like. He he pointed ears I think but it was dark and hard to really tell. I’m confused to what this was? Like was it a succubus? Nothing sexual happened that I remember. But I was half asleep I think but I remember it when I woke up. I have been just preying to bune and drawing his sigils. I’ve did a money sigil and two days later found a 100$ bill laying on the ground. Idk if it was the sigil or me preying to bune. So idk what this creature on me was. Didn’t feel fear or anything. I was kind of just in awe. Im really new to all of this so sorry if I have so many questions. I’m sure this post is all over the place so I’m sorry about that.

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There are incubi too. Hmm I suggest do research and meditate on this and see what comes.