Weird experience possibly is this normal

so I want to ask do spirits leave a scent behind when they enter your temple or home… because I swear I can smell sugar or sweet incense at all times now even when not burning anything or eating any food… it’s like Azazel has left some perfume behind it smells really sweet like honey or candy…is this just me… :lollipop::honey_pot:

Yes, it is possible. There are some angels and saints that have been said to leave behind the scent of roses, so i’m sure demons can do the same.

When Baolin Wu witnessed his Taoist Master’s physical Ascension, as described in his book Qi Gong for Total Wellness, he left behind the scent of roses that lasted in the courtyard for several hours.

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yeah OK good to know I’m also aware that Azazel is found of sugar and candy…

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