Weird experience last night

So last night, I was laying down to sleep (everything was fine previously so I didn’t feel weird before bed) But as soon as I laid down - turned off lights etc I started to feel abit weird after abit and I knew there was obviously a spirit near me, it felt like a heavy shadow over me (I get that sometimes but can never tell what it is when it happens) - then it started to try and make me ‘aroused’ as it were and I was telling it no and to fuck off but it wouldn’t listen, my whole body started to feel weird and I felt like after effects of being drunk (haven’t had alcohol for awhile so I wasn’t drunk but been that way when been VERY drunk like when (like u feel like yr gon throw up n u lay down n everything is spinning) - so room felt like it was spinning (like opened my eyes and could see the room moving slightly) had a pressure on my head slightly and felt like I was going to throw up - and I moved slightly away from whatever it was like get away ffs, but whenever I moved or faced to where it was (as I was trying to ignore it/ground myself and calm myself down or w/e, but also get comfortable and try to sleep bc it was like 3 or 4 am) I’d get that dizzy feeling again/or rather feel that the room was spinning, I have no idea who it was - heard some voices but didn’t make any sense at all and can’t exactly rem what they said… is this normal bc never had this before? does anyone know what kind of spirit would do this and why? like I’ve been harassed by malicious and negative spirits before but never had this, so idk, also my body kept tingling in places and everything but like almost the pins and needles kind of feeling I guess?? and my root/sacral & solar plexus were effected mostly (and my throat) or felt kind of pain or ‘feelings’ there kind of thing - idk what it was tho, but anyone know what this might be or what it might mean??? tyy