Weird elemental dream. Any meaning?

So lately I been having elemental dreams. And in all of them I can control: water, earth, fire, in one dream blood. But never air. I think because Lucifer is spirit of knowledge and illiumination and I don’t have those things. But I think when I will get those I will control that element. But it’s not a point. This night I had a fourth elemental dream. I dreamt a huge snail made out of fire. It didn’t do anything, just stood there. Can someone tell me what this could mean? That huge snail made out of fire.

Dreams are very personal, and their real meaning really might not be apparent until some time later. If you are having strange dreams, write them down when you get up, in as much detail as you can remember. Analyze them, see if they have any repeating or cyclical symbols, and look them up in a dream dictionary. Though those dictionaries may give hints, the meaning of symbols might be even more personal to yourself.

Having ‘superpower’ dreams is common enough. Some dreams are just none sense. Others might be communications. Some might be ways of your subconscious to process what is happening in your daily life. Its always good to try to connect symbols to events happening in your life. With enough regularity, you can get a pretty good idea of what your dreams are trying to tell you if you connect the dots.

Instead of asking US about fire-laden snails in your dreams break down the symbols yourself. Fire. What does it mean to you? (and by that I mean to reflect on your experiences with the subject, and see how it makes you feel. Good memories, bad memories, emotions that pop up, etc) What does it mean to the world? Snail. What does it mean to you? What does the dream dictionary say about snails?

Does your other elemental dreams have animals made of the elements? It might be worth noting. Try to draw all the connections you can, and later, when you look back on your dreams, you might find some insight that was hidden before.

Snails can indicate a sign of isolation and loneliness while the fire may resemble passion.

Could this be indicative that you want your love life to ramp up a little?