Weird dreams

When dreams are weird and you are like wtf. That isn’t the normal dreams. So then you wonder if your mind is having fun with you or some spirit or entity is telling you something.

Dream setting
Some village in some area in asia and it looked like I was in an anime

I my dream character was walking to the market going to get something and then this girl in a white plain dress and long hair comes up and in a weird voice (that doesn’t sound like a girls) says stop worrying about it we will take care of it. My dream character was confused but it felt like they were talking to me not him.


Always pay attention to dreams then go get yourself a dream dictionary and figure that shit out. It is your subconscious trying to talk to you. The subconscious uses dream symbolism to communicate and you can communicate with your subconscious via symbolism as well. This is the purpose behind our rituals. One is to bring the mind into the correct state for the work to come. Second is lulling the rational mind into accepting what is happening as valid. The third is to communicate intention to the subconscious mind. Cheers!


Dreaming about anime, that’s a dream come true for me :smile:. Specially observe if u r having a dream recur multiple times. It will reveal about u something deep karmically.


I personally keep having a dream about my current enemy. I wonder if i should completely destroy him?


Thank you everyone for the advice and @Goku I understand about dreaming about anime lol and @prynce if you feel you should. If not then why not toy with them some.

@Austin_Sweeney i am planning on destroying them not toying with them. I dont half ass anything. I use my whole ass